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Flattering Silhouettes

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If you're a fan of What Not To Wear (and if you're not, you should be) then you know that every woman can find an amazing dress if she just knows what cut to look for. In general, what you need to do is choose the style that gives you a classic hourglass shape. Since most of us weren't born with that, you select the cut that gives the ILLUSION of that shape.

Meaning if you're pear shaped, you choose darker colors for the bottom half, and A-line skirt that floats away from your largest leg point, and a top in a lighter color or pattern to draw the eye. You want to emphasize your strength (shoulders or cleavage) or have a fluttery sleeve top that makes your top look the same width as the bottom. Emphasize a tiny waist and voila! You have the illusion of classic, always appealing curves.

And if you're top heavy, you do the opposite, etc.

But from watching the show, we loyal viewers know that the UNIVERSALLY DIVINE cut on all of us is a dress with an empire waist (the ribcage is EVERYONE'S smallest point) that then gracefully floats away in a perfect A-line full circle skirt. Good for women with hips of all sizes. Also from watching the show, we know that occasionally finding fantastic tailoring means...er...PAYING for it.

Not at all to my surprise, I received an email today from perpetual overachiever Neiman Marcus touting the absolute PRETTIEST, most PERFECTLY CUT dresses I've ever seen. Drop dead gorgeous.

Yes, they're expensive. Truly. BUT...

If you have a special event this summer, odds are pretty good that the women there will either be wearing or yawning at the usual Banana Republic and Ann Taylor dresses. They're pretty, but mass marketed to...the masses. So if you have the money and want to feel like a FREAKING PRINCESS and knock them dead at that wedding, shower, work promotion, garden party, grocery shopping, or high school reunion...

Go buy a timeless, beautiful one of a kind dress here. And then report back to us about the carnage you leave in your wake. "Clean up the drool in Aisle Eight..."

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It is so true that if you know what you are and what you should or avoid, it will make you look just gorgeous and stunning. Every woman definitely can find an amazing dress to wear or make herself to look priceless if you truly understand yourself. The bottom line is not to wear anything that does not fit you, even you love it to death. Simply remember when you choose a dress for yourself, not to choose it because you love it or how popular it is, but it goes well with you.


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