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Okay, Neiman Marcus just came out with email of what's hot for fall...BEWARE.

Cheese and crackers. This trend is going to be a train wrecking into an oil spill.

Remember, DON'T wear it because a starlet or model is. Only purchase items that have a flattering, classical hourglass shape. THAT'S what's attractive on women: our curves. If you look at the mannequin or model and see the clothing changes this shape into a column like a teenage boy, or worse, actually ADDS fabric into a misbegotten, unidentifiable shape...RUN AWAY.

If there's volumes of fabric hiding your waist, you're going to look like a baglady no matter how much the item costs. Belts were meant to accent your waist, not lay aimlessly on your ribcage or thighs.

And leggings and slim leg pants look HORRIBLE on EVERYONE. Even Sienna.

I won't even discuss this atrocity. Shorts are barely acceptable in the inferno of hell's waiting room.

Japanese mental institution. I'm losing my mind looking at all that grey and black.

Fug is going to have a field day this fall with brainless starlets following Madison Avenue's dictate. At least it will be entertaining, if highly sad.

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