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Price Adjustments

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I'm always surprised how many of my friends aren't hip to price adjustments...you really must take advantage of them!

Many stores (Banana Republic, Macys, Ann Taylor/Loft) offer a one time price adjustment to the current merchandise selling price when you bring your receipt back to the store within 14 days. This policy is to avoid the hassle of you returning the old merchandise and buying it back at the new price.

Savvy shoppers will actually plan out when the sale is about to happen, and buy BEFORE hand when everything is in stock.

For those of you who already take advantage of this policy, here's some exciting news: BANANA REPUBLIC has updated their cash registers so that the whole process takes less than a minute!!!! No more sighing from the clerks, or waiting ten minutes as they ineptly enter the numbers in...it's all instantly done by the computer!!!

Progress! Can't wait until all stores have it.

Dresses on Sale

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Head on over to Bluefly.


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Don't forget a good outfit starts with great underwear.

Bare Necessities has your favorites on sale now.

So Cute

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On sale at Victoria's Secret: a dog leash and collar that say "My dog barks louder than yours."

I bought one for Hero, my little Pomeranian. And it's true; ask our neighbors!

Beach Wear

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It's been touted this season in Elle and Vanitiy Fair, but it took a friend visiting from northern California to turn me on to BOBBI BROWN'S BEACH FRAGRANCE.

Yummy. See, sometimes us Hollywood types don't know it all. My friend first sniffed it on a soccer mom at a family BBQ, and knew she had to have it. I took one whiff of my friend drenched in the light, summer spray to conquer me. If this cologne doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy with memories of perfect vacation days, then you really need a vacation.

Save up for it by purchasing the limited edition fragrance set at Bobbi Brown. Not only will you get the body oil, lotion, and soap bar to go with the Beach spray, but you'll also save $53 towards that vacation fund. Dreamy AND smart.

WNTW - July 7

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Two best nuggets from episode Lauri:

1. Don' wear horizontal stripes. They make you look wider.
2. Don't wear baggy clothes to hide your figure. Instead, wear clothes "tailored to camouflauge what you don't like."

Great advice if you're unhappy with your body.

Wow, you know what I never understand is when people agree to take the $5,000 and then sass Clinton and Stacy the whole time. My goodness, if you've just seen what you REALLY look like, and people are trying to help you look fabulous, why would you be mean to them? Yikes. Glad she came around in the end.

The Devil Wears Prada

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Loooved the movie. Huge improvement over the badly written book. (Really? NO editors were available before they rushed the roman a clef to press?)

I think The Devil Wears Prada is this generation's Pretty Woman. And if my LA audience is any indication, the men loved it, too. I saw it just a few days ago at The Grove, and people were STILL clapping and cheering at the end of the movie. Amazing to get that response after an opening weekend. Even more amazing...that's not happening anymore at Superman Returns or Pirates of the Carribean. Go strong women!!!

My only complaint was that the fashion was layered into the story, rather than giving us any gratifying moments during. Not like I wanted a cheesy 80s montage, but the one scene that showed our heroine's new fashion style was cut so MTV-fast I couldn't appreciate the couture.

All in all, still not as good as Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair. Michael Kors still kicking Patricia Field's butt on the big screen.

And by the way kids, 14 is the new 2. Eff Hollywood.

If you skinny-lovers need proof, look at Meryl. SHE was the star, and she looked mahvelous:

Accessory of the Moment

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Suddenly all the Hollywood Starlets are popping around town in HEADBANDS.

I don't usually pay attention to what they're wearing (unless for once it's actually cute and flattering). But this is a trend I'm already on board.

Personally, I can't live without my headbands. They really help on the bad hair days, and the style gods finally learned to construct them so that the part right behind your ear doesn't dig in and give you migraine. Phew!

Banana Republic has some great choices.

So does Shop Intuition, a favorite of the best dressed in Los Angeles.

Was anyone else vaguely disappointed?

Can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe I'm seeing the machine behind the show. There were too many good, legit designs, and then OF COURSE they keep the crazy guy who sucks just because he's good television. I don't know, it doesn't feel like a real contest anymore. Which of course it never was, but it's supposed to at least FEEL like one.

And wasn't Bravo hyping all month that someone was going to get kicked off Project Runway on the first episode? They sure made it look that way. Then when they aired the season preview at the end of the episode, it wasn't even a blip. Hi, totally transparative maniupulation. Cripes, just because we like fashion and reality tv doesn't mean we're rubes.

I did enjoy seeing Kate Spade as the guest judge. So there's that.


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During Nordie's Anniversary Sale, you can pick up this delicious Betsey Johnson purse for $265. After the sale, it shoots back up to $398.

If you have the dough, that's a cool savings. And it also comes in red and brown.


It's so pretty it makes me hurt. I want it, Santa!

Prada Antic Cervo Hobo

WNTW - July 14

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What Not To Wear episodes Michelle S and Beth.

What did we learn, kids?

Taller people have longer necks, so if you can use a deep v-neck it makes you look longer and leaner.

Black matches caramel, tween, and brown because they're all neutrals.

Subtle patterns look like neutrals from far away. Don't be afraid to wear them on the bottom half.

You can layer without bulking up to create a slim silhouette.

Hawaiian shirts are never good.

Cheap leopard bags and purse with photo prints on them are for little girls, not women.

Now go forth and be chic!

Project Runway 7-19

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Sooooo boring. The bloom is off the rose.

All the designs were so predictable, as were the catfights. There's no personality keeping me interested.

And why was everyone harping on Angela about teamwork? I wouldn't want to be some team leader's slave, not getting to contribute a thought. Her whole problem was she didn't know how to appropriately defend herself.

Ridiculous. Ladies, that's part of why the glass ceiling is still there...don't be tongue-tied and take the blame for others! Self esteem is always in style.


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Totally over-the-top, and would probably never zip up my calves since I'm not a model on heroin...but still, aren't these Manolos purrrrrfect?


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How excited was I to receive an email blast from ShopBop claiming the New Fall Trend is going to be Punk Rock Edge?

Pretty effin' excited. I've still got my original, oversized safety pins from the 80s, and I was ready to stab some "they were asking for it" fabric with them.

Then I saw what The Powers That Be consider punk rock:




Yup. You guessed it. The bane of my existence:

More skinny pants and leggin's. Bloody 'ell.

Insert *Horror Scream* here.


Who is it exactly that hates American women so much over on Madison Avenue?

This "edge" trend is going to be soooo fun to make fun of. Can't wait to see ol' fire crotch and Simpson in it so we can make bollocks jokes.

But really, this fashionista debacle begs for another round of
What Would Joan Jett Do?

I'm pretty sure it would be "Kick in your poseur, lollipop head. And your little dog Toto, too."

Want real punk wear from the fringe?

Stick with grrrls who are Edge incarnate at Bust:


They've got your chic back.

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