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Ho Hum

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Man it's a dull season when I have nothing to talk about but my horror that everyone from the runways to Ann Taylor Loft are touting tights as the "It" accessory. Argh.

Other than that, everything is B-O-R-I-N-G. Even the Emmys were boring, with the exception that the older women kicked their ingenue counterparts' asses. Go rocking 40-60somethings! See, style really isn't about size or age. As Gore Vidal said,

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.


Grasping at Straws

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They say any publicity is good publicity, but when you're a has been and a never was, is this really the image you want to present to your tepid public?

Yoko Ono making new enemies at the Toronto Film Festival. Would it kill the woman to get some glasses that framed her eyes correctly? Don't even get me started on the ungroomed caterpillars above them or the sooo 2004 Pageboy cap.

Singers Natasha Bedingfield, right, and KT Tunstall at the Guess anniversary party, NYC.
It's very kind of Natasha to take the high school's foreign exchange student to the prom. Hope she doesn't get shunned for it Monday morning in home room when KT's note gets intercepted and everyone learns David Crosby is the proud papa.

Celebrity Schizophrenia

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Hmmnn...what to think of the disparate images presented to us by two lovely stars in one week?

Exhibit A:

Kate Winslet at the Toronto Film Festival


Luminous, youthful, could still be cast as an ingenue, yes?


Later that week, Kate Winslet's mother at the Toronto Film Festival:


Now don't get me wrong...there's a shot where her butt looks fab in this dress. It's not THAT terrible...but it's sure a different image. The combo of the matronly hair and couture collar from bizarro world is aging her twenty years. Is this her "But I'm also a character actress" look? Because I'm confused.

Exhibit C:

Victoria Beckam at Fashion Week


A fabulous, chic woman that Marc Jacobs wants to be next to, yes?


Victoria Beckam's daughter at Fashion Week


Is she trying for a porn career? I don't get this look at all. So inappropriate for her age, and her stature as a mother.

Again, schizophrenia. Who are you, lady? Make up your mind.

Now here's a woman who always knows who she is. Dresses appropriately for her age, looks youthful (in fact, I'd swear she's a witch...nary a grey hair on that 40 something mane...)


And the junior arm candy always casting those loving/longing looks her way doesn't hurt.

The Madness Continues

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Don't know where I'm going to shop this fall. The world's gone crazy.

Here's Ann Taylor Loft's newest look:



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