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Celebrity Do's and Don'ts

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Not sure what's going on with Drew Barrymore and Debra Messing's hairdos. Check out their red carpet appearance at a weekend Sony event:


They're both pretty women with talent and great personalities, and hit and miss good taste. Not liking the two-tone hair on Drew, or the southern beauty pageant/peacock wig on Debra.

At the same event, Eve Mendes looked flawless:


But lest you think I'm being too hard on these ladies for their top halves, let's look at their bottoms:


Two weird bottom hems that make their black dresses shapeless as potato sacks. Yet they both look so proud!

And Eve Mendes' bottom half?




See the importance of the hairdo? First impressions don't lie.

Professional Color

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Q: "How can I go from brunette to blonde?!" - Tara, Hollywood

A: Blonde isn't in right now. Dark hair is what's hot.

But if you still want to take the leap, remember that it's very rough on your hair. It's safest to make going blonde a long process. Get professional highlights for months before lifting out your color.

And don't go from blonde to dark at home. Nine times out of ten the color turns green, washes out, or fades to orange. It's not okay.

- Caprilee, Hollywood stylists at Ken Paves Salon.

Discover the horrors of the true Grudge...

"Omigod my dress is sooo pretty. What? The hem is stuck in my thong? Okay, but your dress is just UGLY. Sarah, stop laughing at me. Sarah!"

"Thank you Arielle, your dress is sooo much worse then mine. Now go stand by Jennifer so you can look good again!"

"Jennifer, omigod, that's such a pretty dress. My grandma totally has one just like it!"

...Some dressmaker out there really hates starlets.

That, or Sam Raimi has some weird fetish for bad neo '50s dresses and the girls are just jockeying for parts in Grudge 3.

Good luck ladies. Hope the horror was worth it.

You know, the taste of some bad couture can't be gargled away...

Killing My Crush

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There go my decades of Heathers fantasies...

Christian Slater is officially old.

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Courtney Cox Arquette around town now that she's got Dirt airing in January. Here's hoping she ditches the Elvira garb, puts some layers in that unflattering helmet hair, and puts accessory/husband David on tranquilizers...
Yes, that's fake blood on the always appropriate Mr. Cox...

But how flattering is the fabulous Ellen Barkin's 'do? She's glowing from that hard-earned divorce settlement. You rock on with your bad self, baby. We love you. Make more movies!

Can't believe she's fifty something. She looks like Heather Locklear!

Absolutely nothing. It's horrifyingly the opposite of chic.

Sigh. Even Banana Republic is crap this season.

Where is Tim Gunn when you need him?

If You Have to Wear UGGs...

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Then buy these cuties. As far as I can tell, they're exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue.



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Ah, thank you Nanette Lepore!

At last, pretty clothes for the season to make you feel like a pretty woman, and not a shapeless potato sack.


An $850 dress that will make you look like you have Grandma's boobs. Brilliant.


The designer, About Notte by Marchesa, claims it makes you look a dress-size smaller. I think it makes you look an IQ-category dumber.

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