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Sacco shoes rock!

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Sacco shoes continue to rock my world. Both the Neat and Clean style boots were featured last year on What Not To Wear, and I really can't say enough good things about them. They're smoking hot, they're actually part of Sacco's Comfort line, and though they're expensive they're actually worth it...these Italian shoes are investment pieces that literally will last a lifetime.

Here's the latest addition to the Sacco Clean line, and it's a stunner:

Clean-C $335.00

Cognac crocco print leather. 2" stacked leather heel. Made in Italy. sacco comfort style #S560C

Also check out the Nine and Nigh style leather boots. Nothing wrong with those!

Great MAC color

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I loooove MAC eyeshadow, and just found a great new color. You'll have to trust me on it, because the color is off on the website.

It's called "Saddle", and it looks like that yellow leather that was popular in the 70s...but it looks gorgeous in the crease when paired with Orb or Rice Paper. Sooo easy and pretty.

Bubble Skirt

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If you're looking for a trendy Bubble Skirt, make sure you only wear it this season and that you're skinny enough to wear it. You can get away with it if you're top heavy or apple-shaped, but NOT if you're a pear.

Here's a very cute Bubble Skirt at Ann Taylor Loft that would be perfect for that holiday party.


Beauty Tip

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I'm not usually a fan, but every once in a while a girlfriend passes on a beauty tip I can actually use.

This may be revealing far more than I should about my personal life, but here goes:

If you keep a box of handy dandy Neutrogena makeup remover towlettes right on your nightstand, you won't wake up to day-old mascara, new zits, and a hangover.

Isn't that miraculous?


Now if someone could do something about curing that hangover*...

* Which, by the way, Neutrogena in no way endorses. Nor do they recommend using their towlettes while intoxicated. Nor do they believe you should even listen to a 30-something lush who's just going to bed now, when the rest of the world is becoming productive.

So there.

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