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Goodbye Anna Nicole

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anna nicole.jpg
You led a truly outrageous, glamorous and drama-filled life. You went from being a dirt poor fried chicken store cashier to being stripper to being the most talked about celeb in Hollywood. You married a Billionaire. You lost and gained weight, but were beautiful and interesting the entire time. You never led a dull moment and lived life with passion. You were a modern-day buxom bombshell. You had more adventure in your brief 39 years then most people have in 10 lifetimes. You will be missed but your impact on the world is eternal.

Too Faced Little Pink Book

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too faced1.JPG
I love products that can do double duty and create multiple looks. After all, you never know when a hum drum work day will lead into an impromptu jaunt off to Mustique for a weekend getaway, and need to have all of the tools to look equally glam in both situations.

For wardrobe, wear a sexy little black dress. For work, make it demure with oversized chunky pearls and a simple blazer. Then at night, up the glam quotient by adding some mile high Manolos and some bejeweled chandelier earrings to unleash your inner sex kitten.

This Too Faced Little Pink Book is loaded with all of the essentials to make your man melt and make other women "pink" with envy. For daytime, stay sophisticated with the neutral brown shadows and bare lip and cheekcolor. For evening, add the smoky liner and shadow to your day look, add a flush of pink colors to the apples of your cheeks, and trade in your neutral lip color for some seductive pink gloss. Go from day to evening with this brilliant, eminently portable beauty kit. Slip it into your Chanel bag for touch-ups all over town!

tom valentine.jpg
Here is the Valentine Tom Cruise Sent Rob Thomas before he went Cruisazy and Jumped the Couch. Have you seen Katie lately? Girlfriend looks like she's had a nosejob, a chin implant, some cheek surgery and an eye lift. She's hanging out with Posh Spice and dressing a lot more sophisticated then she did on Dawson's Creek.

Tom, you can dress up Ms. Frumpy McFrump all you want, adopt an Alien (or Asian?) baby and claim its yours, but we still won't buy it, unless you turn her into Chad Slater or Rob Thomas. But we appreciate your unbridled enthusiasm for Couch Jumping, PDA, Fake Babies, Calling Matt Lauer "Glib," and Proselytizing every chance you get.

Happy Valentines Day!

I love this Necklace

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strawberry.JPG It is so spring and fresh.

The Bald and the Beautiful

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In the grand tradition of Mariah Carey, Anne Heche and Margot Kidder, Britney "Shears" has officially gone off the deep end! She checked into rehab, checked out a day later, got a tattoo and shaved her head totally bald. Note to parents (Dina Lohan you know who you are): this is what happens when you make your kid the breadwinner at 6 and they work their whole lives instead of having a childhood. Either this or you end up on Breaking Bonaduce.


Tomkat has befriended Posh and Becks and JLo and Skeletor in the hopes of converting them to Scientology. At Tom Cruise's extremely heterosexual wedding in Italy, Cruise put a Scientology converter at every table to proselytize about the cult. JLo and Marc Anthony are using the Church's "cleansing process" to help them conceive a child. Maybe Jlo should use the cleansing process to give her latin lover a shower, a shave and a sandwich.

Lauren K Rings

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Lauren K rings look so fun yet so chic. Semiprecious stones add a touch of candy color to an understated outfit. From pink tourmalines to blue topaz, these rings bring happiness to your hum drum week by waking you up with some glitz and color. Buy one in every color to match all of your outfits.

The Gold Standard of Handbags

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gold vuitton.JPG
For all of you Golden Girls who love Louis Vuitton, here is an updated version of their classic speedy in gold, for maximum glitz and shine. It reminds me of something Malibu Barbie would wear. It's very over-the-top and tongue and cheek without being gaudy. This bag would look great on a golden sun-kissed blonde. It's Elle Woods meets Paris Hilton. It can make a knockout accessory for going to work or a glitzy bag for a date night.

anna shades.jpg
In the weirdest televised court appearance since OJ, Judge Larry started crying while rendering his verdict. Prior to the ruling, he called Anna Nicole Smith's first husband on the telephone in open court. The ex-fried chicken place manager hadn't seen his deceased son Daniel since the 80s. The ruling said that Daniellelynn's legal guardian is in charge of where Anna Nicole is buried. The judge said that he wants Anna Nicole buried with her son. This is a huge blow to Virgie Arthur, Anna's estranged mother, who had wanted to exhume Daniel's remains and take them along with Anna back to Texas to be buried.

Up until this hearing, Larry Birkhead seemed like a real sleazebag, but now he kind of seems like he is genuinely concerned for his daughter. Who knew that Anna Nicole could stir up more baby mama drama after her death then during her lifetime? But who is the real father of Daniellelynn? Is it Larry Birkhead, Howard Stern, Zsa Zsa Gabor's Faux Prince Husband, or J. Howard Marshall's hundred year old vintage frozen sperm? As far as the paternity of Daniellelynn is concerned, there is only one man who can help. Call Maury Povitch in and in the time it takes to shoot an hour show, he will find out who is the real father.

Have Fun this Weekend

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Unleash your inner diva this weekend and go out on the town. Try a new restaurant or see a movie with friends.

The It Bag of the Season

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It is all about Goyard this season. These haute French handbags look great monogrammed with your initials. All of the girls about town are toting around these adorable, primary color, French handbags. The oversized tote makes a great travel bag, perfect for jetting away to Mustique for the weekend for an impromptu getaway.

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