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Beautiful Disaster

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Factory Girl is the must-see movie of the season, for any fashionista worth her weight in liquid eyeliner. It follows the gilded path to superstardom and tragic downward spiral of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's muse and Bob Dylan's girlfriend. In true Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon fashion, Edie is a cousin of actress Kyra Sedgwick. Her effervescent personality, model good looks and quirky fashion sense catupulted her to the height of pop culture. She's a style star and epitomizes the mod look that is so popular right now.

pave earrings.jpg
These pave bezel earrings are a great alternative to classic studs. They look hot with a matching necklace and let you rock the vintage look while keeping your jewelry simple and clean. Or wear a pave bezel necklace with platinum bezel studs and a tennis bracelet. These earrings take you from day to evening with their understated, sophisticated style. Bring sparkle to your face and variety to your stud collection with these fabulous studs.

Haute Housekeeper

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Naomi campbell will trade in her haute couture for a mop and broom as part of her community service as a New York sanitation worker. It seems like poetic justice for Campbell, who throws cell phones and other rhinestone encrusted objects at her maids. It's reminiscent of the Karma Chameleon, Boy George, when he swept the streets doing community service as well.

Old Navy.jpg
The Fashion Rag quoted Let's Talk Style about Old Navy's hot summer dresses. We said we were "a big fan of the return to dresses, since [we] wear dresses all the time. They are girly and fun and always make you look put together. Old Navy’s new dresses seem perfect for the beach or a Hampton’s weekend getaway. You can pair them with some hot turquoise necklaces, gold bangles and a jean jacket or just throw them over your bikini for some hot summer fun.” It's all about the "LWD" this season. Wear it all over town to show off your tan and stand out in a sea of hum drum little black dresses.

Giselle aka "the boobs from Brazil" and Bridget aka "the idiot stick figure with no soul from Sex and the City" are in a race to give birth to football hunk Tom Brady's baby. Bridget came out pregnant with the Brady baby after they broke up. Brady is now hot and heavy with Victoria Secret supermodel Giselle Bunchen, who might have a Brady bun in the oven of her own. We haven't seen this much baby mama drama in years miliseconds since the whole Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, Zsa Zsa Gabor's Prince saga.

JLo Hew.jpg
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks sultry on the cover of this month's CBS Watch! Magazine. The cover story entitled "Shop Like A Star: Looking Good Has Never Been So Much Fun" is the best celebrity shopping story in the history of magazine publishing. And I am not just saying that because I wrote it.

chic in paris.jpgmarilyn phone.jpg
In Chic in Paris, fashion expert Susan Tabak reveals the style secrets of eight French style icons including Loulou del la Falaise and Nathalie Rykiel. Tabak does not encourage women to blindly follow ridiculous fashion trends (shrugs, ponchos, capelets and gauchos you know who you are). Instead, she encourages you to wear the styles and colors that make you feel fabulous and sexy. In a related note, doctors came out with a study that it is not just how you look but how you flaunt it that secretly attracts men. Men love hourglass figures and rated women who sway their hips as more attractive. That must be the secret to JLo, Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe's "it factor."

Curbed shows how outraged Upper Eastsiders can get over their Hydrangeas. The next thing you know, the gardener will go public with the vandal's name and she will be blacklisted from the Junior League Winter Ball. It is oh-so-hard to find good climbing Hydrangeas these days.

sexy food.jpgtara.jpg
Tara Reid is opening a new restaurant called Taradise Lost Ketchup. The theme will most likely be "Girls Gone Wild: the Eatery." She has already invested in 3 other restaurants, Bella, Geisha House and the Shore. Growing up, Tara's parents owned a bar in Jersey, contributing to her extensive training as the world's biggest party girl. Reid is best known for her work in American Pie cavorting with other notable party girls, such as Lizzie Grubman the night she mowed down several people at Conscience Point in the Hamptons.

britney wig.jpg
Britney Spears is clean and sober now that she left Promises rehab in Malibu. Financially, she is not in such great shape. In the past two years alone, Brit has blown through $21 million of her $32 million fortune and is scared to death of facing bankruptcy. She is selling her Beverly Hills Mansion in a desperate bid to raise some cash. She should get back together with Justin. He has all of the white rapper thug appeal of K-Fed except he has talent, intelligence, a paycheck.

Vote For the Worst

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sanjaya.jpg dragqueenhairdresser.jpg
Sanjaya from American Idol is most known for his fabulous rotation of wigs from the Jaclyn Smith Collection and lack of vocal talent. You can even vote for your fav Sanjaya hairstyle on People.com. Howard Stern is encouraging his listeners to go to Votefortheworst.com and vote for the least talented contestant on American Idol.

allegra tube.jpgallegra.jpgallegra1.jpg
This picture of Allegra Beck, daughter of Donatella Versace, wearing a nasogastric feeding tube, sparked rumors that the $600 million heiress is near death. Yesterday, it was reported that Allegra is hospitalized in LA. Today, they say she is not hospitalized but rather getting treatment at home. Allegra, you are a strong girl and our hearts and prayers go out to you. This should be a wakeup call to the fashion industry that promoting this unrealistic ideal of women is dangerous and that we should have models who are of a normal body weight on the runway.

This holocaust/famine victim ideal is dangerous to all of the women who are subjected to it. We need to start showing womanly bodies as examples of fashionable women. Between the models literally keeling over from anorexia on the runway to Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe, girls in the spotlight are literally starving themselves to death. We need to rethink our values. Stop buying movie tickets for movies that promote this anorexic ideal. Stop buying clothes from designers who feature anorexic models. Then the industry that promulgates this misogynistic ideal will rethink the damage it is doing to women.

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