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Once again, Lindsay Lohan has lived up to her image as a good role model for teenagers everywhere and celebrated Memorial Day weekend with class and swank celebration.

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Oh wait… did I say class and swank celebration? I meant a crash and extreme intoxication. In true Lindsay fashion, she slammed her Mercedes into a tree on Sunset Boulevard after a night of excessive boozing and club hopping.

As any responsible celebrity would, she left the scene of the accident on foot and called her body guard to drive the busted vehicle home. Unfortunately for Lohan, witnesses called the police who beat him to the scene of the accident. Business savvy witnesses also swiped up pieces of the wrecked Mercedes and posted them on Ebay. (You can place your bid here)

Police later tracked Lohan to Century City Hospital where she was being treated for minor injuries. Lindsay was arrested, but not detained so she could receive treatment.

Michael and Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s parents, have expressed sincere cries for help concerning Lindsay’s behavior. Michael explained that Lindsay needs to “find god” and enter a faith based rehab center. Earlier this month, Dina Lohan- who is clearly not trying to reap her own 15 minutes over her daughter’s recent string of antics- told Us Weekly magazine that her daughter’s only real problem is lack of activity- when her daughter isn't working, "she's so bored."

Lindsay entered Promises treatment facility, Britney Spears’ former stomping grounds, in Malibu Monday morning. This came as a real blow to Paris Hilton, who was hoping she and Lohan could be cell mates during Hilton’s 23 day jail sentence set to start June 5th.

In more uplifting news, Lindsay’s 21st birthday is just around the corner. Rumor has it her birthday bash in Vegas on July 2nd will serve virgin cocktails and fortune cookies with excerpts from the Big Book.

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