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Thank you M.K. & Ash!

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Impoverished fashionistas everywhere rejoice! We simply adore your “I’m filthy rich” look, so we were absolutely elated to find out you were creating a budget-friendly line of clothing to capture the essence of Olsen Grunge.

Proving finally that there is no link between food and emotion, M.K. & Ash have named the new label James and Elizabeth as a tribute to their virtually unknown siblings. Unlike their couture label released last year, “The Row,” James and Elizabeth will cater to poor women everywhere at such retailers as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Intermix.

What’s next for the Olsen girls? Word on the street is a new line of hair products that simulate not showering for days, aptly named “Dirt”.

What Not to Wear

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It's a little bit hippy. It's a little bit homeless. It's even got a hint of heroine junkie. Trendsetter Sienna Miller was spotted in this ragged ensemble at Britain's Isle of Wight Festival. Apparently, Miller misread the name of the festival as the Isle of Blight and attended in costume as a troll. We especially like the slouched spacewalk sneakers... nice touch.

Get Hoff it Already!

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Don't hassle the Hoff! Well, actually... go right ahead.


Wax on, Wax Hoff, is a self-proclaimed game of skill which not only increases hand eye coordination but strategic thinking. I'm not sure about skill enhancement, but it is strangely satisfying to watch David Hasselhoff's chest go brazilian. You need something to do while pretending to work anyway.

Whoa... someone hire a wardrobe consultant for this celeb- and make it quick! Fergie showed up for Total Request Live on June 18th with greasy hair, dressed like a backup dancer in a 1980's Jane Fonda workout video.


Clad in high-waisted, faux demin pants with suspenders, Fergie performed her new single, "Big Girls Don't Cry." Well Fergie.. big girls might not shed tears, but my grandpa might because he wants his suspenders back.


Be nice to grandpa...

Fergie is scheduled to appear in the Music Rocks concert at Radio City Music Hall September 6th. Rumor has it she'll be transported to the red carpet in a Delorean.

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