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Channel your inner skater chick with this modern twist on an 80's classic.


Perfect for summer, Vans KVD's come in everything from the classic Vans black and white checkerboard pattern to more feminine and flirty prints. Comfy, fun and retro, these kicks will transport you back to the halls of Ridgemont High. Skate on, sista! (or just dress like you do...) Get them here.

Who's the boss?

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Apparently not Alyssa Milano at the Crown Royal Playboy Lounge in San Francisco last week.


Uninspired by the playboy pinups and multiple celebs in attendance, Samantha Micelli draped herself in a hotel curtain and disguised her assets in this knee-length smock ensemble. We're hoping someone calls her Charmed sisters out of syndication to make this dress vanish.


The beach. The park. On an airplane. A shopping trip to the mall. This bag does it all! Isabelle Tote Bag by Life is Good is a versatile little number with plenty of storage compartments for all your stuff. The straps are made of canvas and can easily be shortened by unfastening the knot. Heat up your summer in girly Tulip (pictured), adventurous Cricket and zennish Bone. And all this for $25? Are you kidding me?? Buy all three! Get it at REI.

Is that Alice Cooper or Britney?


Britney was shooting her come back video "Get Back" in an LA warehouse donning cottage cheese thighs and a naughty teddy meets old lady skirt swimsuit ensemble. Let's not even get into the hat. Looks like the only thing Brit should worry about getting back right now is her figure.

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