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Everything old is new again

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It’s time to face it…the ’80 are makin’ a comeback! For better or worse, the unforgettable decade of decadence, the “ME” decade and it’s fashion legacy of big hair, leg warmers, shoulder pads, acid wash jeans and neon leggings, has remarkably become “retro-cool.” Trend-setting Celebrities across the globe, most of whom missed the majority of the 1980’s on account of not having actually been born yet… have grabbed the fashion torch. From waist high jeans (possibly the most cruel and unflattering trend ever to be perpetrated upon womankind) to ballet slipper shoes, we can’t stop it…we can only hope to contain it.

Most recently, Celebs like Kanye West and Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere, have been sporting an oldie but a goodie. Seriously, this one is actually worth another “look” (pardon the pun)…Oakley FROGSKIN® Sunglasses.

The reborn FROGSKIN® have been so popular that Oakley will be offering them as part of a limited “Collectors Edition” series, unveiling a new color combination each month starting in January 2008, with the red frames and gray lense combo. Retail prices start at $100… but buyer be warned, demand is high and supplies are limited, so just like the world’s oil markets of late…prices will likely continue to rise. Just something to think about!

Hey, maybe once you pick up your FROGSKIN® you can go for a “cruise” in your Miada, jammin’ to the tunes of Corey Hart’s ‘80’s classic “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night!” Or perhaps not… At least the FROGSKIN® reminds us that the ‘80’s weren’t all bad!?

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