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Real women everywhere rejoice…well maybe! CBSnews.com interactive's The Showbuzz reported this week in, Are Curvier Women Smarter? Study Of Body Fat Levels Suggests They Are that there is now empirical evidence proving that women who have hourglass figures, not only look hotter, they’re smarter than their rail thin counterparts. Bonus findings…the same research, just published in the journal of “Evolution and Human Behavior,” found that curvy women also tend to have smarter children!

She's destined to have brillliant offspring!

Team Healthy Bodies: 200 points
Team Unhealthy Bodies: 0 points

But wait…just when it seemed like health was winning and that the media driven definition of beauty…stick figures with large “upper assets” might be KO’d for good, now we’re facing yet another definition of perfection. According to this report, we should all divide our waist circumference by our hip circumference to determine our intelligence and chances of longevity. Apparently the lower your ratio the smarter you are and the smarter your offspring will be. Great! So just to recap…pretty much any woman who is ultra-skinny, healthfully slender, muscular/athletic, pear shaped, has broad shoulders, a small chest, a thicker middle, a flat butt etc…is just swimming at the bottom of the genetic pool? Puhleeze!!!

When will the world just let women be who they are? Society, and clearly the scientific community, needs to “get a collective life.” Aren’t there more important issues for behavioral science to be focused on? Oh, I don’t know…say the cycle of addiction for instance.

It’s time we all start to support each other and to encourage all women to be healthy…not skinny…healthy (whatever that is for each individual), fit, confident and proud. Let’s salute celebrities and trendsetters who embrace these ideals, women like Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Mary J Blige, Jamie Lee Curtis, Drew Barrymore, America Ferrera, Scarlett Johansson, Queen Latifah and many more.

Live, Laugh, Love!

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