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Bangle crazy

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Let’s talk trends. Some I love, some I hate, some I simply don’t get. Here’s one I’m McLovin’ right now. Bangles. Whether they're big/chunky/thin/gold or plastic...I want them piled up high on my arm like my 2nd grade graffitied armcast. I’m addicted. Thankfully it’s a trend that isn’t terribly expensive to try, and not crazy enough to risk ending up on someone’s worst dressed list. Have you ever heard the fashion police break out with a “Damn, would you check out the bangles on her!” Cankles maybe, but not bangles. Apparently other Hollywood A-listers are doing the bangle boogie…

bangle girls.jpg

Drew, J Lo, Marley Shelton...They love their bangles as much as Britney loves her Marlboro Lights. [*By the by, I have no idea what brand of cigarettes Britney favors, I’m guesstimating.] I digress…back to bangles. The bigger the better. They make a drab outfit pop, they add the perfect amount of visual interest, and they make me feel oh so tribal goddess. Forget a feeling, I’m hooked on a bangle.

Consequently, I also love the Bangles circa 1982. You remember the Bangles- the 80’s girls rock band fronted by Susanna Hoffs. They were cool in a bad girl bangle way, and I will always carry an eternal flame for all of them, and their big hair.

I don’t know about you, but next Manic Monday I’m gonna pile on some hot, hip bangles on my arm, blast up my Ipod, and when I cross the street, you guessed it…I’ll be walkin’ like an Egyptian.

*Keepin’ it real.


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