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Hip to be Square.

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I saw a woman at the movies the other day. She was, how do I put this delicately...Well, she was someone's Nana. She seemed very sweet clutching her bag of home popped microwave popcorn, but get this - Nana was wearing a denim miniskirt with a frayed hem and a tube top with the word Hollister stretched across her chest. For those of you who don't know, Hollister is the trendy, young, hip love child of Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle Outfitters. Did I mention young?

Priding themselves on being California chic, they feature clothing you would normally see on Summer Roberts and Marissa Cooper on reruns of the OC. I always assumed Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle were brands geared toward the 14-18 young adult demographic...but here was Nana in all her glory, looking like she had just left Laguna Beach and her boogie board behind.


They say that clothes make the man. If the same rings true for women...do young clothes make the woman younger? Or vice versa? I could only ask myself, in true Carrie Bradshaw form, how old is too old to be wearing young people clothing?

Granted, I am guilty of wearing an occasional Hollister tank top myself, but I would also get carded at a Hillary Duff concert. I would never go near the short shorts and ruffled skirts display, but I imagine the blue haired beauties at Nana's nursing home would, fighting over matching Fletcher Cove polos and Boomer Beach hoodies like they were winning bingo cards.

I guess age is a state of mind and you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and good inside. So go on Nana with your bad self.

I bet Sol and Morty at Century Village ain't complaining.

*Keepin' it my age,


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Dr. Peter Flynn:

I don't think you can be too old for a brand or style as long as your clothes fit.

Besides -- what would we think if we saw a 12 year old girl wearing Talbots clothes?

Note to self -- open Talbots Jr.

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