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Hot Mom Hall of Fame.

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In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, I've decided to induct five celebrity moms into the very prestigious letstalkstyle Hot Mom Hall of Fame. I feel these particular mommies need to be commended for upholding their sizzling status during breast feeding, countless poopie diaper changes, and projectile spit up occurences.

In no particular order of hotness, the list is as follows:


1. Keri Russell - Felicity has come a long way since her college love triangles on the WB. Noel and Ben are far and away, and Keri has a whole new triangle with new husband Shane and baby River. If Keri cuts all her hair off again like she did on Felicity, River said he'll stop breast feeding.

2. Reese Witherspoon - She divorced Ryan Phillipe's cheating ass, lost weight, got bangs, and stole my man Jake Gyllenhaal. She has an Oscar under her shrinking belt, adorable kids Ava and Deacon, and Jake to come home to every night...Reese, you are the wind beneath my wings.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow - It's difficult to be a Mom to fruit and a biblical prophet, but Gwyneth still has that new mom glow when she's out with daughter Apple and baby boy Moses...and she's looking pretty Shazam! as the new Iron Man heroine Pepper Potts. Gold thing hubby Chris Martin balances her hotness with his Coldplay.

4. Gwen Stefani - Gwen rocks hard as a mom, even more than she does in concert. Her marriage to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale is strong as a rock, not to mention her post pardum rock hard abs after having baby Kingston. Gwen's pregnant again, but she'll be back to her old physique in no time, no doubt.

5. Kate Hudson - She won't cut her kid's hair, but we'll forgive her because we love Kate and all her bohemian goodness. Whether she's canoodling with ex Owen Wilson, a shirtless Matt McConaughey, or her hippie ex Chris Robinson, she's just as hot as mom Goldie Hawn...maybe even a touch hotter.

Honorable mentions: Jennifer Garner (when she puts some effort into it) and Kate Beckinsale (so hot it kinda pisses me off). Jennifer Lopez who just had twins might have made my list...if she'd only come out of hiding.

Not so hot moms : Tori Spelling and Britney Spears...I don't think explanations are necessary.

Happy Mother's Day, and on a personal note I think all of you Moms out there are absolutely beautiful...except Tori and Brit.

*Keepin' it motherly,


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Donna Dickert:

hmmm... attractive

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