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Dear Caprilee,

I like wearing capris, but I've heard you shouldn't wear them if you're short. What is your stance on capris for smaller women?

5'1 and done growing


Dear 5'1 and done growing,

First, thanks for being my very first fashion advice guinea pig. I printed out your question with pride and have put it up on my corkboard next to the first dollar I ever earned scooping ice cream at Häagen Dazs. I digress...capris. I love capris, in fact my Mom did too. It ain't no coincidence my name is Capri-lee after all.

Don't listen to the masses, go ahead and wear 'em. Like my man Nelly says "It's getting hot in herre", so instead of taking off all your clothes, take off all the long pants. Short pants are essential for summer, no matter how much of a shorty you are. Carrie Bradshaw was tiny, and wearing capris never stopped her from having all that sex in the city (which opens tonight by the way- I know, shameless plug). My advice, stick to capris that hit right at the knee...and wedges will always make you look taller.

Hope this helps....and in the meantime, some Flintstone vitamins might help you out an inch or two...they have ten million strong and growing.

At your service,



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Buddy Lee for me:

Hi Caprilee, Are you related to Buddy Lee? The famed Lee jeans icon? I hear he is running for president in 2008 (http://www.buddyleeforpresident.com). Will you be hitting the campaign trail with him?

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