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Charmed, I'm sure.

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I'm keeping a lookout for Prince Charming. Until then, I'll have to settle on a charming charm bracelet.

My mouth is watering for this Juicy Couture Romantic Charm bracelet. It would look oh so sweet on my delicate wrist, I'm more enchanted than Amy Adams just thinking about it. Amongst it's charms hangs a romantic pair of lovebirds, a hot pair of lips, a choose juicy heart, and a faux pearl dangle fit for any Princess. Sorry McDreamy, I would trade Patrick Dempsey in for this baby in a heartbeat.

Even more charming? The price. It's only $178 at Nordstroms, which isn't bad for Juicy Couture bling. So I don't have to wait for the artist formerly known as Prince to buy it for me.

Go ahead, lead a semi-charmed kind of life.

I would be remiss if I wrote a fashion blog and didn't comment on the Sex and the City movie I of course saw last Friday night, along with 55.7 million other cosmo guzzling women. It overtook the domestic box office and succeeded in Manolo'ing Indiana Jones out of his precious #1 spot. He used to be scared of snakes...now it's stilettos.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha were all back in fine form prancing around the streets of New York (LA for Samantha) in Patricia Field's delicious couture costumes. You've read enough reviews and I don't believe in spoilers, so I'm just going to give some highlights and lowlights to match Carrie's ever changing haircolor.


Highlights- Vogue photo shoots, wedding gown and fashion show galore. Trumping runway shows during Fashion week at Bryant Park? A fashion showcase taking place in Carrie's closet.

Lowlights- Carrie's Bird Veil. Not enough Stanford.

sex and the ci.jpg

All in all if you're a fan of the series, you're gonna likey, Big time. Even my date for the evening (who was male) said he liked it better than "Fool's Gold". I know, he's a keeper.

When the final credits wrapped up I couldn't help but wonder...are we in for a Sex and the City 2, Bradshaw Boogaloo? Or will Michael Patrick King throw together a prequel, casting younger girls to play the Sex and the City sexpots in their 20's? Or maybe Carrie and Mr. Big will have a set of precocious quadruplets, all with a different haircolor...Come to think of it, the possibilities are endless.

*sex and the sammy.

Cheap kicks

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Dear Caprilee,

Is it tackie to buy shoes at Payless Shoe Source? I don't have lots of $$$, but want some new summer shoes.



No Jackie,

It's not tacky shopping at Payless. What's tacky is spelling tacky with an ie.

Not to sound like I'm on the Payless payroll, but seriously- why pay more? It's perfectly acceptable to buy shoes from Payless. I'm giddy for these Liddy Canvas Wedges by American Eagle. They come in a lovely summer shade of canary yellow for only $19.99, and if you can't afford that, what can I tell you. You might have to hit Goodwill and invest in some previously owned shoes that someone's Great Aunt Ida wore in the swingin' 60's. That, or something in the form of an Old Navy flip flop.


Happy shoe shopping Jackie...and while school is out, crack open a spelling book or two. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Camp, there it is.

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I've always associated camp with two things...1. Bug bites. 2. The films of Jon Waters.

Now I'm feeling a whole 'nother kind of camp variety. Camptown ladies sing dis song (doo-dah, doo-dah)...
Hit the Camp Gorgeous beauty event at Neiman Marcus in stores until June 14th (online until the 16th). Score a sassy pink NM exclusive camouflage tote filled with deluxe makeup samples from Dior, Frederic Fekkai and more. Free with any purchase over $85.

I'd risk having my bed short-sheeted for this camp getaway. Come to think of it, this post is pretty campy.

Oh, de doo-dah day.

Camp gorgeous.jpg

Rainbow Connection.

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You want to taste the Rainbow, but you're all out of skittles. What to do, what to do...

Try adding one of these juicy multi-colored Nine West clutches to your accessory closet. Bags, and bangles, and bright strappy sandals, oh my!...What more could a girl planning her new summer wardrobe ask for?...Besides this.

Any plans for the 4th Jake?

nine west skin2.bmp

And if rainbow colored accessories aren't enough, try on this Taste the Rainbow Dress on sale from Free People.

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat have nothing on us.

Free the rainbow...and the rest will follow.

*Keepin' it colorful,


Cheap. Green. Cool.

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By now you've probably noticed the coolness factor has increased exponentially at your local Target, featuring creations from esteemed designers like Proenza Schouler, Jovovich-Hawk (Resident Evil star-slash-model-slash-designer Milla Jovovich's line), and the lovely designs of the wispy, ever so ladylike Erin Fetherston.

Guess what? Target just got even cooler.

Rogan Gregory is the newest hot-as-sin artiste designing for Targ├ęt's GO International line.

target rogan.jpg

Featuring pieces made from organic cotton at unbelievably low prices, Rogan wants us to look good and feel good about wearing his eco-conscious rags.

My favorites? A toss up between his striped jersey t-shirt (that doubles as a dress for shorties like me), and his crisp linen striped vest. Wait, that yellow leopard print tank is pretty cute too. Oh yeah, the line also features chic swimwear and the most adorable terry cloth hoodies.

target rogan2.jpg

The only problem I've found with GO International is that the pieces seem to go too quickly...at least in my size. Rogan's line is there until June 28th. So wake up before they're gone gone.

I wonder if LC picked up some pieces after she loaded up on Reeses Pieces from the candy aisle.

Keepin' it on target,


Bursting your bubble.

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Hey Capri,

What's the deal with bubble skirts? I've got some boot-ay, can I still pull one off?

U rock,
Trendy Wendy


Here's the deal Trendy,

In theory, Bubble skirts are cute. In actuality, they look kinda weird if you're over the age of seven *unless* you still have the svelte figure of a seven year old. I have yet to meet a hippy girl (hippy, not hippie) who feels comfortable in a skirt that adds bulk to their problem areas...but unbootylicious girls usually look great in bubblicious skirts.

With that said, if you want to highlight your so called ba-donka-donk, who am I to stand in your way?

bubble skirt.jpgbubble skirt4.jpg

As for me, the only bubbles I'll be partaking in are from my pack of grape berry Hubba Bubba bubble gum...and I might add Bubble Boy to my Netflix...since Jake is in it.

Thanks for the kudos. I like to rock. I also like to rock, paper, scissors...

...and if you wanna stay Trendy, Wendy...get a Fendi.



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When smart people win the lottery, they invest. In real estate, stocks and bonds...priceless works of art...

I invest in handbags.

My accountant frowns upon this and is begging me to compromise. He says I should invest in some handbag art. At first I thought, I'm so not into paintings of purses. Then I realized, he may be onto something...

You know Jimmy Choo is the master of shoes...but did you know he makes killer bags too?

Check out this Jimmy Choo polly glazed bag. It's inspired by New York-based artist Richard Phillips' 'Riot' portraiture with images inspired from 60's and 70's fashion magazines.

It has cult Pop-art appeal, and is big enough to tote around all of my summer essentials. It's also a whopping $682.50, but hey...you gotta spend money to make money.

At least that's what Barton Finklestein, CPA tells me.

jimmy choo bag.jpg

It's peanut butter jelly (shoe) time.

Dear readers,

I offer you the fountain of youth for $10 in the form of a jelly shoe.

I might have dissed jellies before, but if they're selling them at Urban Outfitters, they've gotta be back in again. Even mega designers like Michael Kors, Fendi and Marc Jacobs have jumped on the jelly bandwagon.

If you're still unsure, I've constructed a little jelly pros and cons list.
1. They'll protect your tootsies from hot sand on the beach, coral, shells and stones in the water...
not to mention rough concrete.
2. They're comfy.
3. They're super cheap.
4. They're way cuter than they were in the 90's.

1. They make your feet super sweaty.
2. They leave weird design imprints on your feet.

I guess the pros outweigh the cons, so feel free to...

Do the peanut butter jelly (shoe), peanut butter jelly (shoe)
Peanut butter jelly (shoe) with a baseball bat!

Keepin' the jelly jammin',



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Hear me now and believe me later. Global warming is upon us. What can we fashionistas do in the meantime to help our ailing environment?

1. Stop washing our hair everyday.
2. Get a reusable bag.

I know I plugged an eco-friendly bag last month, but hey. Think of this as a Reusable Bag-of-the-month Club.

If you didn't feel the love for my American Eagle Love tote, here's another option to get you to ix-nay the lastic bags-pay.

This Project Green Nine West tote is on sale for $14.99 from $20...and I simply adore the messages. Choose from "Green Girls are sexy!" or "Fashion cares. Green is chic."

You'll be sexy chic too, toting around this tote.

Look at you with your bad, green self.

nine west tote big.jpg

California dreaming.

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Summer is all about the sundress.

What'll show off your new summer tan (real or fake) better than a white minidress paired with some oversized shades and a sweet bag? Nothing I tell you. Nothing.

I feel like I checked into the Hotel California in this vintage creme dress from American Apparel's new vintage division - California Select.

It's light, airy and cool on even the hottest summer day...and it's cheap...and boys dig me in it. Enough said? And it can totally get you through the seasons if you pair it with a turtleneck and some tights to keep you warm on a winter's day (on a winter's day).

You don't have to live in LA to be California stylin'. Wake up from your California dreaming and log on to Ebay...
and don't forget the SPF.

california select.jpg

I wish we all could be California girls...


Bathing Suit up

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Dear Caprilee,

It's bathing suit season and I'm having a dilemma. I try on cute bikini sets, but either the top fits and the bottoms don't or vice versa. What am I supposed to do?


Sagging bikini bottom girl.


Dear Saggy,

Never fear, Caprilee is here.

Hit American Apparel for bikini separates!

They come wrapped up individually in these cute little plastic baggies in different sizes and colors, so you can mix and match and find the perfect fit for your tatas as well as your cheeky cheeks. They also have pretty funky pieces that are very Saturday Night Fever circa 1977.

aa suit.jpg

If you're sticking with separates, Carabella is also rocking some perfect mix and match swimwear.

As for me, I'll be in the hot child in the monokini sipping mojitos on the beach.


***Any fashion questions? Fire away! Just leave them in a comment and Caprilee promises to get to them...
(although she may be fashionably late).

All things Twiggy.

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When you think Mod, one name comes to mind...

No, not your Great Aunt Maude. You think Twiggy.

You know Lesley Hornsby (aka The Twigster) by those gigantic Bambi eyes, that adorable pixie haircut, and those pencil thin twiglike stems. Twiggy is, and always will be the glorious Mistress of Mod. She took the 60's by storm and is regarded as one of the most famous supermodels ever...as well as guest judge on America's Next Top Model (who rocked compared to last season's replacement Paulina Porizkova- in my humble opinion).

Her look evokes innocence, whimsy, Euro cool and has never really gone out of style.


Wanna go Mod this summer and follow in Twiggy's footsteps?

Here are all the essentials you need to complete your Twiggy inspired look. 1. They'll call you Mello Yellow in BB Dakota's Sunshine Dress 2. You can't get any more British Invasion-slash-Factory Girl than this tuxedo inspired Chelsea Girl Dress from Lulu Via 3. And to complete the look- These 4 inch Banana Split heels of course. Throw on one or more of these mod pieces and as Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham would say...you'll be looking pretty "Major".

*Looks found at Modcloth...except for the eyelashes 4. You can score those at Sephora.

1.twiggy dress small.jpg2.twiggy dress 3.jpg3.banana split heels.jpg
4.lashes small.jpg

No more denying it. Ashlee Simpson is indeed knocked up...Gotta hand it to her, she looks pretty smashing knocked up and knocked out. I had a feeling way back when...

In honor of the little fall out boy or fall out girl on the way, I've compiled a few choice onesies with a little help from The Retro Baby. With dedicated fashion followers Ash and Pete Wentz as parents, this kid had better represent.


Keep your baby stylin' with these celeb worthy retro duds for only $17.95. I'm also digging the I like to hit the Bottle onesie. Let's hope this baby doesn't end up in rehab twenty years from now.

You gotta wonder if big sis/soon-to-be Auntie Jessica and her quarterback beau Tony Romo are far behind...Never fear, I'll be on watch. Let's just hope the new baby gets Pete's nose.

Rock-a-bye baby.


Nicole Ritchie and her Baby Daddy Joel Madden may be busy playing jokes on the tabloids regarding their upcoming nuptials, but I could care less about whether they decide or decline to tie the knot. All I care about is raiding Nicole's closet.

Why is Nicole dancing on the ceiling with reckless abandon the way Dad Lionel did back in 1986? Because ever since she got pregnant with now five-month old baby Harlow, Nicole has been looking better than ever. With a healthier figure and the best new mommy style I've seen in years, motherhood seems to agree with our little socialite. Hopefully she'll keep the meat on her bones and hang on to all the cool new clothes, for Harlow's sake.

If you're digging her post pardum fashions, here are some tips from FabSugar to capture Nicole's chic summer style.

nicole ritchie.jpgnicole and harlow2.JPG

Zooey Zoolander

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Let's talk Zooey...

You know her for her quirky and always memorable roles- the rebellious sister in Almost Famous, Will Farrell's adorable paramour in Elf and Jennifer Aniston's dry, Retail Rodeo sidekick in the The Good Girl...

I know her as my fashion icon.

No matter what frock this girl throws on, she looks effortlessly fab, like the girl in high school you so wanted to dress like, but whenever you tried you ended up looking like Paula Abdul.

Whether it's an evening gown, or a twenties style swimsuit, my girl always succeeds in rocking it out of the ballpark.



She's on the cover of Lucky magazine this month promoting her new film M Night Shyamalan's The Happening, and talking up a few of her favorite things. If I had to guess a few of Zooey's faves I'd go with a Suspenders Mini, Steve Madden Casita pumps, a jar of Organic Hair Treatment to keep those bangs bangin', and a perfectly pleasant Old School tee.

suspender mini large2.JPG

I know you so well Zoe.

A Case for Lace.

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Let's talk lace.

Lace makes everything prettier. Whether it's a vintage blouse, a veil, or a doily.

Be pretty in peach in this sweet Lace Mini dress by Lily White from Alloy.

It's so Cagney and Lacey...okay, maybe not so much Cagney, but definitely Lacey. It's made of the most delicate woven lace with a decorative gold four-button ruffled yoke. Me likey. I also likey that it's on sale for only $29.99.

cagney and lacey dress.jpgshades and shoes3.JPG

Make the look complete by accessorizing with some cool Swan sunglasses for $10.50 more...Then take the lace one step beyond with these dainty little Eyelet flats for $29.50.

Alloy's hooking you up with an entire lace look for - drumroll please... $70 from head to toe. Not too shabby chic, huh?

Gotta go. I'm lace, I'm lace...for a very important date.


Today is my birthday.
Do I have plans to have a big Birthday bash at some hot LA or New York city nightclub with party favors and goodie bags? No. Do I have half a dozen outfits to choose from, sent by Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs and Derek Lim to insure I look like the birthday princess that I am? No. Am I wearing a party hat?...No.

In actuality, I'm sitting at my desk at work, wearing a dress from the Gap (at least it's from the new European collection), my only companion, one of those fake dogs that breathe while they sleep. We've bonded, my fake dog and I. I pet her from time to time and have named her Millie. I've arranged a visit to my therapist next week.

So...since I cannot treat myself to a shopping spree, I'm going to treat myself to a virtual one, and you...my fine readers, you are welcome to join me for the ride.

First stop, Gucci for some shades to cover up any new wrinkles I might have accrued in the past year. Second stop, Anthropologie for a vintage dress and some finger ring bling because I'm old and...I uh, really like rings. Third stop, a Juicy tote to tie it all together.

Whew. Virtual pretend shopping is tiring. I'm going to take a little nap at my desk and dream I'm wearing my entire birthday suit. Don't tell my boss.

They say it's my birthday. I'm gonna have a good time.

gucci sunglasses2.JPG
bday wish list.JPG

Belt it out.

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Let's talk cool celebrity trends.

Take a cue from O.C. cutie Rachel Bilson (or the stylist from her last Nylon cover shoot) by toughening up a sweet party dress like this ivory cream dream with a rock star grommet belt. Everyone loves the unexpected.

Another celebrity trend I'd like to try? Dating other celebrities. As far as I know, Rachel's still hooked up with her Jumpers co-star Hayden Christensen aka Anakin Skywalker.

Forgive me for my UsWeekly moment. Back to fashion...

Get the dress from Delias on sale for only $14.99, and save even more cash by snagging a belt from your garage band boyfriend's closet.

rachel bilson nylon4.JPG

It's my party and I'll wear a belt if I want to.

Mom jeans.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Mom jeans!

Okay, not quite. This blog is dedicated to all the moms out there, old and new. Just because you're a mom, doesn't mean you have to succumb to the Mom jean stereotype. There are plenty of cool women's jeans out there that will flatter your shape and make you look as hot as you looked in your high school yearbook.

Hit Metrostyle for some Beyonce worthy bootcut tummy control jeans that'll flatter any and every post pardum figure. Plus, they're only $29.99 which'll save you some money for a new onesie...for the baby, not you.

mom jeans rule.jpg

Horsing around.

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Dear Caprilee,

Owls were super big last year when it came to accessories. I want a heads up. What animals are going to be big this year?




Dear Julianne,

Yes, last year the fashion industry was oversaturated with owls. From necklaces to organic totes, even scarf cowls had owls. The trend is just about over for our fine feathered friends, but I don't give a hoot, because there's a new hip animal, just ready to be let out of it's cage.

The winged horse.

Break out the Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering cards because you can't get any more magical that a Pegasus tee from Urban Outfitters. Hey, if flying horses were good enough for Rainbow Brite and She-Ra: Princess of Power to ride on, they're good enough for me to wear...plus their tears have magical healing powers, don't they?

If you aren't a believer, there are plenty of unwinged horses to choose from. Get your hoof on with this equestrian scarf, an equestrian luck necklace or some dandy horse icon aviators.

scarf horse.jpg

...and if you're still attached to the owls, here's a hoodie or two to help you let go. By the by...hippos are always big.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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