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When smart people win the lottery, they invest. In real estate, stocks and bonds...priceless works of art...

I invest in handbags.

My accountant frowns upon this and is begging me to compromise. He says I should invest in some handbag art. At first I thought, I'm so not into paintings of purses. Then I realized, he may be onto something...

You know Jimmy Choo is the master of shoes...but did you know he makes killer bags too?

Check out this Jimmy Choo polly glazed bag. It's inspired by New York-based artist Richard Phillips' 'Riot' portraiture with images inspired from 60's and 70's fashion magazines.

It has cult Pop-art appeal, and is big enough to tote around all of my summer essentials. It's also a whopping $682.50, but hey...you gotta spend money to make money.

At least that's what Barton Finklestein, CPA tells me.

jimmy choo bag.jpg

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