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I rarely do this, but since it is a National holiday, I thought I'd share my 4th of July outfit with you.

When worn together normally, red, white and blue can be considered a bit much...but it's America's birthday, so bring on the stars and stripes forever!

Start off by pinning a cool Patriotic pin on your tote to show off all that Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA pride. I chose this pin in particular because the little guy reminds me of Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.

Next, slip on some cool UV ray specs. These shades are so All-American Beach Blanket Bingo, I can't stand it. Just pass the potato salad and call me Gidget.

Stars and striped bathing suits are so cliché , so I'm going with skulls and stripes. This skull and crossbone halter and matching bikini bottom from Alloy aren't only mix and matchable, but they put a new twist on July 4th fashion, and remind us to follow proper firework safety precautions.

*I kid you not, I knew a kid who lost an eye setting off Bottle rockets. It smarts every time he sings the national anthem...Oh say he cannot see, by the dawn's early light.

4th of july4.JPG

Someone get me a sparkler.

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michaela :

alright, so i log onto this blog because i love the quick, witty read... until today! now you got me clicking on the links to buy things because everything is so darn cute! i have looked high & low (except for online) for boy cut bikini bottoms that are really low rise (i'm only 5'2" with no torso) and no where have i found them until you so eloquently directed me to alloy. so... thanks!

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