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Geek chic.

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I started wearing glasses at the tender age of six.

My frames were black and awkward and bigger than my face. I wasn't a cool first grader. I loathed them, and to this day I still have qualms about wearing my glasses in public (even though they're a much cuter pair of designer frames and don't slide off the bridge of my nose every ten seconds). I'm terrified I'll be called Sammy four eyes and Ritchie Meyers will throw sand at me by the jungle gym. *Note to self- bring up Ritchie Meyers at next therapy session.

Imagine my dilemma now that geek chic is all the rage. What was once nerdy, is now glam. With a few key pieces, I might just get over my nerdy girl paranoia after all.

geek chic cartoon with text2.JPG

I'll start out with a sleek three piece ensemble from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line. Apparently Sarah still knows how to put a nerdy outfit together from her Square Pegs days...but with some Sexy and the City style thrown in for good measure.

You can't be a geek without a cool geeky gadget. I'll opt for this Talking watch from Urban Outfitters. Hopefully the bigger kids won't beat me up and steal it from me in the cafeteria during third period lunch.

When it comes to shoes, I used to think anything with a bow on top was pretty nerdy, but at least these Mindy Loafers have a touch of animal print to give them a little dash of style, although I'd rather trade the bow for a teenie slot for me to slip a penny in.

And last, but not least, the specs. Today, girls with 20/20 vision are wearing glasses, just because they want to be part of the geeky elite. These Poindexter glasses make you look at least 50 IQ points smarter, and you don't need to wait an hour at Lenscrafters for them to be made...and contrary to popular belief, boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses.

Now I'll just stock up on some pocket protectors and call it a day.

Get your geek on.

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Great article missy. I love your work :)

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