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Go ride a bike.

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Everyone loves a bike ride. Show me someone who doesn't, and I'll show you someone who never had their training wheels taken off. You know who you are.

Whether it's for exercise, leisure or to escape the school bully, bike rides evoke feelings of childhood innocence and reckless abandon. Even celebrities are enjoying their summer hiatus bike riding. Former Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar has been seen riding around town transporting veggies and has quickly become nicknamed Sarah Michelle Peddler. I'll be here all week.

Nevertheless, just seeing someone on a bike makes me smile, even if they have a Chinese crested dog riding in the front basket. It brings me back to days of skinned knees, pigtails and hot pink handlebar streamers blowing in the wind. In honor of bicycles and the happiness they bestow upon the world, I've compiled a few pieces when worn, are the next best thing to hopping on a ten speed.

go ride a bike2.JPG

You can't ride around on a bike with a Balenciaga bag. That just wouldn't be prudent. So carry around your essentials in this cute Volcom Pedal to the Medal Bike Tote. Just don't put your Chinese crested dog in there. This bag is too adorable to be ruined by a doodie.

I couldn't choose between these two lovely vintage graphic tees, so I'm giving props to both. This sweet Bicycle Tee from Karass features a little munchkin alongside one of the first bikes ever. What's even cooler is the history of the bicycle is printed on the inside tag. Neat-oh. My second choice is a Puff Sleeve Tee dream in yellow with two vintage looking folks on yet another wacky bike. It's hand screened, which makes it extra special. If you're a big fan of unique fashion gems handmade with love, check out this Migration Summer Bicycle necklace it's totally off the chain.

So go pick up some bicycle themed rags and accessories, and you'll feel the wind blowing through your hair in no time.

It's just like riding a bike.

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