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I usually steer away from Mary-Kate Olsen when it comes to fashion trends, since she can tend to be a little...how shall I put this...Off the mark? This time, I'm proud to report that MK has it right for once. Grunge is back whether we like it or not, so dust off your old Pearl Jam concert tees, Doc Martens, and grab some flannels.

It's not hard to achieve MK's look from head to toe. Start by throwing on a form fitting western themed plaid shirt. Don't be afraid to choose one with a slight feminine touch like this Evelyn shirt with a girlie ruffled front. Grunge 101: Grungy girls can still be pretty girls. Just don't button it all the way to the top. Then you run the risk of going from grunge to geek.

Next, nothing says grunge like some Sharpie stained nails. Slick on some dark urban nail polish until your digits resemble oil slicks, and your grunge transformation is almost complete.


When it comes to bottoms, skinny jeans, dark leggings or dark tights will do just fine, and they'll look gas station attendant hot shoved into a pair of Steve Madden Black Ankle booties, a definite fashion upgrade from your old battered Docs and Converse.

I like where you're headed MK. Not a 10 on the chic scale, but not a 1 either. Maybe in the upcoming year you'll finally end up on someone's best dressed list.

By the way, did mumus ever really catch on?

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