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Marilyn envy.

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Marilyn Monroe.

No one can hold a candle in the wind to her, but that hasn't stopped many a young Hollywood starlet from trying. It seems like Marilyn inspired photo spreads are popping up more and more these days. It can be traced back to Anna Nicole Smith and her celebrated Guess ads, and now a new crop of youthful A-list actresses are quickly following suit.

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere pictured below is looking very "Happy Birthday Mr. President" in her pictorial while Lindsay Lohan made waves this year recreating the last nude photo shoot of Marilyn for the New Yorker. Nicole Kidman captured the Seven Year Itch star's likeness for Harper's Bazaar and lest we forget the Material Girl Madonna circa 1985. Even the recent Madonna A-Rod scandal evokes memories of Marilyn Monroe's love affair with baseball hero Joe DiMaggio. Coincidence? Hmmm...


Seems like everyone wants a little taste of what the immortal blond bombshell had to offer and if you're like some, you like it hot too... so enough with the commentary, onto the clothes.

Forget diamonds, flattering swimsuits are a girl's best friend, so try on a Marilyn inspired retro swimsuit this summer. You'll be looking pretty va-va-va-voom in this cute checkered one-piece from Delias that looks trés vintage, plus it's on sale for only $34.50. Then you can rival Lindsay, Hayden, Nicole, Madonna and Marilyn.

Boop oop a doop.

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