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Turn the other cheeky.

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I'm not a thong girl, but don't want to be known as a *VPL girl either. Can you recommend any panties that make good thong alternatives?



Hola Cheeky!

I don't wear thongs very often either, especially after that freak thong incident with that LA cop last month. My recommendation? Get yourself some hanky panky.

Hold on there Cheeky Monkey, I am by no means suggesting a shag with your fella, this isn't that kind of blog, I am suggesting the brand Hanky Panky- lacy underthings that are in my opinion, the holy grail of panties. No lie, these hanky pankies are in a word - swanky.

How do I love thee Hanky Panky? Let me count the ways...

1. I love that you're a one size fits all panty which means you meld to my shape - no saggy bottom Capri here.
2. I love that you come in an adorable variety of assorted colors and prints - over 30 if you please.
3. I love that I have no wedgies on Hanky Panky's watch.
4. I love that you come in low rise styles so I don't flash everyone when I do the limbo.
5. I love that you come in both thong and no thong varieties.
6. I love that you don't come apart in the washing machine.
7. I love your boy shorts almost as much as I love boys in general.
8. I love that you make me wanna have some hanky panky.

hanky panky panties.jpg

But don't take my word for it. Hanky Panky's are good enough to cover up Cameron Diaz's, Cindy Crawford's, Jessica Simpson's and Kate Hudson's cheeks, so they should be good enough to cover yours.

De Nada.

*Footnote for my boy readers- VPL - An acronymn for Visible Panty Line: the unfortunate event where the panties of a woman are visible through the material of her lower-body clothing. This is a definite fashion faux pas and damages the overall aesthetic beauty of an otherwise lovely posterior.

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michaela :

freikin brilliant! and i also didn't know what VPL was... so, thanks!

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