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These Looks are Sick.

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I'm sick.

It ain't pretty. I'm sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, have a stuffy head, fever and I can't rest because I'm at work.

But just because I'm flu ridden and miserable, doesn't mean I can't look all cuddled up adorable...so even though it's the height of summer, I'm wrapped up in a Cuddlier than Cuddly Sweater, have my vocal chords all protected under a Trés Chic Scarf (which also conveniently covers up my slabs of Vicks Vapo rub). Finally, the daytime, publicly acceptable alternative to big floppy bunny slippers, some Cozy Boots to keep my tootsies all comfy cool.

I'm as snug as a sick bug in an infected rug, but if we could all wear our Jumpin Jammerz to work, the world would be a much better place.

jumpin jammerz9.JPG

Sex and the Cheaty?

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are the latest celebrity couple in dire need of damage control, according to Star magazine. After 11 long years together of being considered Hollywood's King and Queen of fidelity, it's been reported that Matthew Broderick has been seeing a twenty-something chick on the side. Sarah and Matt have put up a united front, refusing to comment on the rumors and have even been seen walking the streets of New York together hand in hand in an act of solidarity, but is Matt's refusal to comment a silent acceptance of guilt?

I don't want it to be true. If it isn't true, shame on you Star. If it is true, shame on you Matt.

If it is true, why Matthew, why? Is it that you haven't really been considered sexy since your War Games/Ferris Bueller days? Is it because you finally watched the entire uncensored Sex and the City boxed set watching SJP smooching all of the fine men of the tri state area? Was it the success of the Sex and the City movie that led you to stray? Maybe it was that hat she wore to the premiere.

Hopefully the rumors are rubbish and this entire ordeal will just be a blip on the Parker/Broderick monogamy radar, at least for their 4 year old son's sake. If not, and Matthew did in fact let his Sausage King of Chicago out of his pants, I say:

Sarah: Give Matthew some fierce bitch snaps, head to Mexico with Kristin, Cynthia, and Kim, then indulge in some big revenge with the Mexican equivalent of Mr. Big (Señor Big).

Matt: Put on your big boy panties and admit what you've done. You may not be getting any more sex in the city, the country, or anywhere else any time soon but at least you will have come clean. If not, you put 'em on Sarah, and dance around in your closet like your alter ego Carrie Bradshaw knowing no matter what happens, you can still be single and fabulous.


Hair's to you...

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Dear Capri Lee,

I would like to change my look and don't know where to start. I would like to be a little more glamorous, but I don't like to wear dresses and have just started learning how to walk in heels. How can I update my style fast without buying an entire new wardrobe?



Dear Meghan,

I know the feeling. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and decide, "I want a whole new me". To some girls, that means getting a lower back tattoo. To others it means injecting ungodly amounts of botox into their faces. And yet to others it means buying tons of trendy outfits that are so not them and end up being donated to Goodwill by the end of the season.

My cure for the I wanna be me-but-better-blues? I get a haircut. Hair is one of the best accessories we girls have, and the right locks can be just as effective as a Chanel handbag.

I had my hair cut this weekend (actually, i had them all cut) and immediately felt more polished and ready to take on the world. Be bold and let your stylist perform some shear genius that will take you from cute to va-va-va-voomlicious. If you have long hair, try a shorter shoulder length do or a bob to update your look...if you have short hair, see how the other half lives and go glamorous with some long, luxurious extensions. Long hair can make an even bigger feminine statement than the girliest of sundresses. Just look at the instant transformation on Lauren Conrad of The Hills.

lc hair.JPG

*Warning: Extensions can be way expensive when you have them done in a salon. The upkeep is murder, plus they can hurt like a mother. A great alternative? Sweet, Rapunzel like do it yourself hair extensions you can clip in yourself. No pain, on your scalp or your wallet. Plus, if you get sick of them, just unclip and go.

You can't do that when your stylist accidentally gives you a mullet.

The Joker's on you.

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It's summertime, and you're wearing the same boring jeans and tank top every day.

Why so serious?

You're never fully dressed without a smile, so forget this Batman curse rubbish and take a clue from the Joker from this summer's blockbuster hit Batman: The Dark Knight. Go for a look that says "Hey World, I'm no joke."

A cropped Purple Vest like this one from American Apparel will get you started, and if the purple doesn't make you smile anymore, flip it around and a red vest suddenly appears. Mix and match them with a pair of Lean Mean and Green Skinny Jeans and Holy outfit Batman! You have a look that's WHAM! POW! SMACK! Fantastic.

*Don't forget the red lips and smoky eyes.


Model posing 101.

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model poses6.JPG

Why is Charlize Theron busting a move?

1. She has an Academy Award.
2. She looks like Charlize Theron.
3. It's her berfday.


Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go Shorty
It's your berfday
We gonna party like
It's your berfday.

My friend Micki loves Maxis.

She'd live in them if she could, and why shouldn't she? Gwen Stefani, Nicole Ritchie, Eva Longoria Parker, Jessica Simpson and other fashion forward starlets are all enjoying the Celebrity Maxi craze this summer. The gowns are flowy, feminine and fabulous, and easy to toss in a carry on for a last minute holiday getaway.

Well Micki, consider this the Maxi pad, with plenty of Maxi dresses I've compiled for you to choose from... and no need to max out your credit card on these Maxis...they're all under $30 bucks each.

maxi pad9.JPG

You missed Woodstock the first time around, but you can still embrace your inner flower child in this groovy Tie-Dye Maxi from gojane.com. Or go with a chic Halter Necklace Maxi from Forever21 that goes from coffee and biscotti at Starbucks to cocktails and sushi for dinner with zero effort.

Feeling floral and flirty? Stop and smell the flowers in dELiA*s Emily Maxi Dress that's so adorably sweet, it gives me a cavity. Finally- Extra! Extra! read all about it, Newport News has a Summer Maxi Sundress on sale for only $19. Talk about Maxi-mum savings.

*Oh Micki you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, go Maxi!

Another Hollywood celebrity couple that is no longer- Barbie and Ken.

Apparently, they've been legally separated for 4 years. After 43 years of living together in Barbie's three story dream house, Barbie felt she had outgrown her plush Malibu pad and went on to become a real housewife of Orange County marrying a celebrated plastic surgeon. Thanks to her own personal Dr. McDreamy, she enjoys having her boobs enlarged monthly and finally had something done about that awkward no genital situation going on between her legs.

As for Ken, last I heard he was dating Lance Bass from N'Sync.

barbie and ken.JPG

Go Laguna Beach this summer and recreate the Malibu Barbie look of happier days in 4 simple steps. 1. Throw on a form fitting Turtles Boy Tank that's perfect for layering (and perfect for showing off that ever expanding cleavage). 2. Bling it up with some hoochie Gold Glimmer Hoops. 3. Toss on a Faux Fur Sweater Vest and you'll catch no flack from PETA or Pamela Anderson. 4. Plump up those lips between Botox injections with a frosted pink Lip Plumping Gloss. Oh, and a trip to Atlantic Tan couldn't hurt.

What a doll.

*This just in- Teen Skipper was arrested for a DUI and possession of a firearm. Her reps had no comment.

With the release of the Sex and the City movie in May, a crop of Sex and the City quizzes have flooded cyberspace, promising to match your personality to the personality of one of the fab four. Basically, if you're sexually adventurous, you're a Samantha, if you're sarcastic by nature- a Miranda, on the prissy side - a Charlotte, and if you consider yourself everyone's favorite out of your elite group of friends, you're a Carrie.

sex and city final.JPG

My feelings? Embrace who you are. Instead of asking yourself: Am I a Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, or Miranda, firmly declare I'm a {insert your name here} because...

1. You're real.
2. I'm sure there's someone out there who wishes they were you.

Model posing 102.

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A reader suggested I make this an ongoing feature...

I am all too willing to oblige.

three models.JPG

Halle Birthday to you.

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Happy Birthday Halle Berry! This year you're a newly inducted MILF, you have a hot model boyfriend/Baby Daddy, and you still look as good as you did when you were a Bond girl...

Celebrate Halle and her double oh seven style on the beach with this head turning Dolce & Gabanna Bikini from Bluefly and a white hot Lola Belt from Alloy. Knife sold separately.

Orange you glad you read this blog?

halle bikini3.JPG

Men in Pink

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Hey Caprilee,

If I wear a shirt that's pink, am I going to look gay?



Dear Jacob,

Ahh...the age old male fashion dilemma- To pink, or not to pink...that is the question. Some men are into low rise jeans that show off their boxers...some men feel naked without a tie around their neck...some men prefer pastel colored shirts. There's no need to be perplexed by pink because contrary to popular belief, I say 1. Real men do eat quiche, and 2. Real men do wear pink. So go nuts (with almonds)!

pink polo.bmp

Whether you're debating over a tailored Dress shirt, a Classic Pique Lacoste polo, or some classic Pink kicks, I'll give you the same advice I give the ladies. If pink compliments your coloring, wear it. If it washes you out and makes you look like you have mono, skip it. But don't shy away from pink because you feel it might make you less manly. If anything, a dude wearing pink exudes confidence.

And by the by, if wearing a pink shirt like the one shown above did in fact make you look gay, what's wrong with that? All of the gay men I know dress better than straight men anyway.

*Just avoid shopping Victoria's Secret Pink Collection. That would be beyond gay.

One day I found a pair of my mother's old vintage sunglasses from the seventies laying in an old drawer. It was like eyewear Christmas. The frames were way too big for my face but they had this fabulous geometric shape and the lenses were a cool taupe shade that I've yet to find anywhere else. I never take them off, which makes it awkward when I'm sleeping, although they do compliment my Jumpin Jammerz.

The bad news is that a good pair of vintage shades aren't that easy to come by, and if by luck you do find a pair that's lasted the test of time, you'll be paying a pretty penny for them. The good news is that retailers everywhere are honing in on the vintage sunglass craze and are offering shades that look like they just stepped off of the Boogie Nights set, and at prices that are totally made in the shade. Plus, the new vintage lenses of today offer the ultimate in UV protection...which is a feature our mamma's sunglasses sadly lacked.

vintage eyewear with text.JPG

These tortoise shell Shield Sunglasses from CCS have a great amber color and shield from the harshest of summer rays with 100% UVA and UVB protection for only $14.99. If you want to go a little pricier and a little more glamorous, you can't beat these Dynasty Sunglasses from Active Girl.com featuring Coconut Crème Fade frames and Cream Fade lenses for $100.
And for days out on your vespa, go all Poncherello out Chips style with a pair of sleek metal rimmed Gold Aviators from Wave Fashion for a mere $9.80. If you're not loving any of those, there's always American Apparel's new vintage eyewear line...

...or rifle through your mom's old drawers. You're bound to find something retro fabulous.

The Seven Model Dwarves

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model dwarveswith text.JPG

J Love and Special Sauce

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Lately there's been big talk about Jennifer Love Hewitt's big weight loss. Ever since pictures of her surfaced in a bikini looking virtually unacceptable by Hollywood standards, J Love has been scrutinized and open to tons of scathing tabloid and blogosphere burns. That must have hurt, even more than the dozens of times Bailey Salinger broke her heart on Party of Five.

Whenever I blog about celebrities, I always try to find the most flattering pictures I can to pair with my editorial piece. It's a simple respect I have for my girls. I know I don't want to be tagged in unflattering photos on MySpace or Facebook, so I follow the golden rule: "Post photos of others as I would have others post photos of me".

Exhibit A-


Bloggers who aren't as kind as yours truly will have to find another celebrity to bring to tears because this week Jennifer Love turned up on the cover of USWeekly having lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks. She's showing off her new wedding-ready body, is ready to premiere a new season of Ghost Whisperer and has found a healthier, happier outlook despite all of the media scrutiny she's been put through.

I personally thought she looked just as beautiful before all of this nonsense surfaced, especially when sporting her hot Hanes all-over comfort bras, but that's just me...

...and I'm golden.

Dear Caprilee,

I loved your blog on vintage sunglasses, but whenever i splurge on a new pair, I always end up scratching them in my purse. What's a stylish way to keep my sunglasses in top condition?



Dear Scratchy Sue,

Guess what? I too have found myself a victim of bad scratching, and I don't mean sucky deejays or blind dates with itches down under.

I'm on the case, with a hip selection of sunglass cases that are cushy and cottony and will protect your priceless specs from any more nasty scratchy scratchies. Find the style that suits you from animal themes to seventies floral and say goodbye to blemished lenses. Better news? They're all $5.80 at ForLove21.

Don't scratch 'em if you've got 'em.

sunglass cases.JPG

The sequel to the tween hit The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has been delighting women young and old this summer, reuniting the four best friends of various shapes and sizes who share a magical pair of jeans that miraculously fits each girl to perfection. A Gossip Girl, a Gilmore Girl, an Ugly Betty and a Joan of Arcadia pass around this pair of secondhand wonder jeans while they're apart to help them stay connected as their lives catapult in different directions.


I haven't seen the sequel, but this theme made me wonder if other such sisterhoods exist. Imagine girls and women of all ages, shapes and sizes sharing their bottoms... It's a novel idea really, with financial advantages as well as nostalgic, bonding ones. If you can't afford a sweet pair of True Religion or Seven jeans, grab your girls and split the cost of a pair with the understanding that whoever has the hottest date planned on a Friday night gets sole custody of said jeans.

And why stop at pants? I say let's give birth to sisterhoods all over the nation. Personally, I'd love to initiate a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits starting with this hot Denim Halter Number from Bebe. It's $228, but split amongst my four best girls...that only comes out to $45 bucks and some change each. And just like the pants in the movie, they'd magically fit every one of us! Brilliant!


If you think I'm onto something, check out some other swell pantsuits at Metrostyle.com. Or be creative and branch out with your own Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Pants, a Sisterhood of the Traveling Trouser Pants, a Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants, the options are endless...

I'd draw the line at a Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties though, that would be less than sanitary.

The beauty of fashion is that it allows you to be whoever you want to be. Slip on a black sheath and presto, you're Audrey Hepburn. Put on a white dress and stand on top of a sewer grate and you're Marilyn Monroe. Wrap a dead swan around your neck and you're Björk.

Any signature celebrity look can be re-created, and for a considerable amount less that the stars fork up at Lisa Kline, Kitson and other high profile celeb boutiques. If you want to emulate this model spinning around like Mischa Barton during her happier times when she was employed on the OC, try on these snug, starlet worthy pieces...

Mischa wannabe.JPG

micha lookbook4.JPG

Who wears short shorts? Young Hollywood wears short shorts! If you dare wear short shorts, shop dELia*s for Denim Short Shorts and pick up a Mischa inspired hippie Circle Necklace while you're at it.

Show your pride in all things Californian with this I Love LA tee from Alloy. You may love New York or Miami more, but when in Rome...wear shirts that say I Love Rome. Scarves are hot right now- neck scarves, head scarves, they add an air of mystique to any ensemble, plus they keep your neck warm and cover up hickeys you don't want your co-workers to see. Master Mischa's signature swirl with an Amber Striped Scarf from For Love 21.

Finally, nothing says "Hey I'm Hollywood royalty" more than a slick pair of Hollywood shades. These Hollywood Specs from Wave Fashion will make you fit in just fine, and who knows? With those peepers covered, you might even be asked for an autograph.

Home a dress.

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I have a date tonight. So what if it's with the Papa John's delivery guy and Mad Men Season 1 on Netflix? We all know what to wear on a hot date out with your man- dark wash jeans, cute halter tops, dangly earrings...but what's the perfect date outfit for a night at home all by your lonesome?

Submitted for your approval, my perfect home date ensemble:

at home outfitwith text3.JPG

1. A comfy dress is key, but it can't look too much like pajamas, or your mima's mumu. Try something that you won't be embarrassed to have the pizza guy see you in, but make sure it's a frock you won't mind falling asleep in. This delicate, but not too delicate Josie Plaid Cotton Slip does it for me, and it's only $14.80 in case I drool on it once I've hit REM.

2. Cuddle up with your favorite pet, stuffed animal, woobie, or bottle of wine in this short sleeved Cardigan Sweater. It's comfy, it's cozy, it goes with everything, and it's got a hoodie. Sold, for $24.90.

3. Just because you don't have a hot date doesn't mean you can't wear cute undies. Feel good, and keep track of what day it is with these Day of the week cheekinis for only $3.99 at Urban Outfitters. If you're feeling particularly rebellious, wear Saturday's pair on Thursday. It'll be fun.

Looking forward to my next date with me.

Deep Model Thoughts

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anthro modelsTEXT.JPG

Shirtdressed for success

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Why does this model look so confused?

1. She's a model...all models are somewhat confused.

2. She can't figure out which shirtdress to wear.

I've blogged about shirtdresses before. As Tina Turner once said, they're simply the best.

They have quickly become the easiest way for women to get dressed in the morning. Throw on a shirtdress with metallic sandals for a casual day of grocery shopping, lattes and dogwalking, add a smart belt, tights and pumps to make it work for work. With the growing number of shirtdresses out there to choose from, it's easy to find yourself as overwhelmed as hot girl down below.

Here are a few choice ones to help you narrow your selection:

anna & boy with text3.JPG

1. The epitome of casual shirtdresses, perfect for a day in the park, count on dELiA*s Dawn Shirtdress for complete comfort from dusk 'til dawn.

2. If you're a retro girl, try on this Alyssa Shirtdress for size. It's structured enough for a sixties housewife, but trendy/cool enough for a woman of the millenium.

3. It's a waste to not show off your waist, so accentuate it with this Candace Shirtdress that comes with it's own slimming belt! That cute ruffled hem ain't so shabby either.

4. Grab a mocha with some girlfriends in this Mocha hued 3/4 sleeved Poplin Shirtdress from Eddie Bauer and no one will know if you've spilled coffee on your dress.

5. Play hide and seek with the buttons on this safari inspired Hidden Button Shirtdress and...

6. If you're into piped and pleated, throw on this Big Bend Shirtdress that gives off a cool, rockabilly western twang.

My vote? Settle for the dress you have on model girl.

If you like it too, check out Anna & Boy.

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