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Another Hollywood celebrity couple that is no longer- Barbie and Ken.

Apparently, they've been legally separated for 4 years. After 43 years of living together in Barbie's three story dream house, Barbie felt she had outgrown her plush Malibu pad and went on to become a real housewife of Orange County marrying a celebrated plastic surgeon. Thanks to her own personal Dr. McDreamy, she enjoys having her boobs enlarged monthly and finally had something done about that awkward no genital situation going on between her legs.

As for Ken, last I heard he was dating Lance Bass from N'Sync.

barbie and ken.JPG

Go Laguna Beach this summer and recreate the Malibu Barbie look of happier days in 4 simple steps. 1. Throw on a form fitting Turtles Boy Tank that's perfect for layering (and perfect for showing off that ever expanding cleavage). 2. Bling it up with some hoochie Gold Glimmer Hoops. 3. Toss on a Faux Fur Sweater Vest and you'll catch no flack from PETA or Pamela Anderson. 4. Plump up those lips between Botox injections with a frosted pink Lip Plumping Gloss. Oh, and a trip to Atlantic Tan couldn't hurt.

What a doll.

*This just in- Teen Skipper was arrested for a DUI and possession of a firearm. Her reps had no comment.

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Funny, just today I was thinking that the last time I saw Lance Bass was at the YPRC event in Miami at Smith & Wollensky's. Guess he's been busy with Ken. Go figure.

Nicole :

Thanks so much for this perfect article!

I was into Barbie and designer jeans.

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