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Hair's to you...

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Dear Capri Lee,

I would like to change my look and don't know where to start. I would like to be a little more glamorous, but I don't like to wear dresses and have just started learning how to walk in heels. How can I update my style fast without buying an entire new wardrobe?



Dear Meghan,

I know the feeling. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and decide, "I want a whole new me". To some girls, that means getting a lower back tattoo. To others it means injecting ungodly amounts of botox into their faces. And yet to others it means buying tons of trendy outfits that are so not them and end up being donated to Goodwill by the end of the season.

My cure for the I wanna be me-but-better-blues? I get a haircut. Hair is one of the best accessories we girls have, and the right locks can be just as effective as a Chanel handbag.

I had my hair cut this weekend (actually, i had them all cut) and immediately felt more polished and ready to take on the world. Be bold and let your stylist perform some shear genius that will take you from cute to va-va-va-voomlicious. If you have long hair, try a shorter shoulder length do or a bob to update your look...if you have short hair, see how the other half lives and go glamorous with some long, luxurious extensions. Long hair can make an even bigger feminine statement than the girliest of sundresses. Just look at the instant transformation on Lauren Conrad of The Hills.

lc hair.JPG

*Warning: Extensions can be way expensive when you have them done in a salon. The upkeep is murder, plus they can hurt like a mother. A great alternative? Sweet, Rapunzel like do it yourself hair extensions you can clip in yourself. No pain, on your scalp or your wallet. Plus, if you get sick of them, just unclip and go.

You can't do that when your stylist accidentally gives you a mullet.

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