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Home a dress.

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I have a date tonight. So what if it's with the Papa John's delivery guy and Mad Men Season 1 on Netflix? We all know what to wear on a hot date out with your man- dark wash jeans, cute halter tops, dangly earrings...but what's the perfect date outfit for a night at home all by your lonesome?

Submitted for your approval, my perfect home date ensemble:

at home outfitwith text3.JPG

1. A comfy dress is key, but it can't look too much like pajamas, or your mima's mumu. Try something that you won't be embarrassed to have the pizza guy see you in, but make sure it's a frock you won't mind falling asleep in. This delicate, but not too delicate Josie Plaid Cotton Slip does it for me, and it's only $14.80 in case I drool on it once I've hit REM.

2. Cuddle up with your favorite pet, stuffed animal, woobie, or bottle of wine in this short sleeved Cardigan Sweater. It's comfy, it's cozy, it goes with everything, and it's got a hoodie. Sold, for $24.90.

3. Just because you don't have a hot date doesn't mean you can't wear cute undies. Feel good, and keep track of what day it is with these Day of the week cheekinis for only $3.99 at Urban Outfitters. If you're feeling particularly rebellious, wear Saturday's pair on Thursday. It'll be fun.

Looking forward to my next date with me.

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michaela :

this is great! i have like 4 "house dresses" that i use... but probably shouldn't be caught dead in. these are MUCH better! thanks!

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