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Men in Pink

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Hey Caprilee,

If I wear a shirt that's pink, am I going to look gay?



Dear Jacob,

Ahh...the age old male fashion dilemma- To pink, or not to pink...that is the question. Some men are into low rise jeans that show off their boxers...some men feel naked without a tie around their neck...some men prefer pastel colored shirts. There's no need to be perplexed by pink because contrary to popular belief, I say 1. Real men do eat quiche, and 2. Real men do wear pink. So go nuts (with almonds)!

pink polo.bmp

Whether you're debating over a tailored Dress shirt, a Classic Pique Lacoste polo, or some classic Pink kicks, I'll give you the same advice I give the ladies. If pink compliments your coloring, wear it. If it washes you out and makes you look like you have mono, skip it. But don't shy away from pink because you feel it might make you less manly. If anything, a dude wearing pink exudes confidence.

And by the by, if wearing a pink shirt like the one shown above did in fact make you look gay, what's wrong with that? All of the gay men I know dress better than straight men anyway.

*Just avoid shopping Victoria's Secret Pink Collection. That would be beyond gay.

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