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Sex and the Cheaty?

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are the latest celebrity couple in dire need of damage control, according to Star magazine. After 11 long years together of being considered Hollywood's King and Queen of fidelity, it's been reported that Matthew Broderick has been seeing a twenty-something chick on the side. Sarah and Matt have put up a united front, refusing to comment on the rumors and have even been seen walking the streets of New York together hand in hand in an act of solidarity, but is Matt's refusal to comment a silent acceptance of guilt?

I don't want it to be true. If it isn't true, shame on you Star. If it is true, shame on you Matt.

If it is true, why Matthew, why? Is it that you haven't really been considered sexy since your War Games/Ferris Bueller days? Is it because you finally watched the entire uncensored Sex and the City boxed set watching SJP smooching all of the fine men of the tri state area? Was it the success of the Sex and the City movie that led you to stray? Maybe it was that hat she wore to the premiere.

Hopefully the rumors are rubbish and this entire ordeal will just be a blip on the Parker/Broderick monogamy radar, at least for their 4 year old son's sake. If not, and Matthew did in fact let his Sausage King of Chicago out of his pants, I say:

Sarah: Give Matthew some fierce bitch snaps, head to Mexico with Kristin, Cynthia, and Kim, then indulge in some big revenge with the Mexican equivalent of Mr. Big (SeƱor Big).

Matt: Put on your big boy panties and admit what you've done. You may not be getting any more sex in the city, the country, or anywhere else any time soon but at least you will have come clean. If not, you put 'em on Sarah, and dance around in your closet like your alter ego Carrie Bradshaw knowing no matter what happens, you can still be single and fabulous.


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