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Vintage is as vintage does.

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One day I found a pair of my mother's old vintage sunglasses from the seventies laying in an old drawer. It was like eyewear Christmas. The frames were way too big for my face but they had this fabulous geometric shape and the lenses were a cool taupe shade that I've yet to find anywhere else. I never take them off, which makes it awkward when I'm sleeping, although they do compliment my Jumpin Jammerz.

The bad news is that a good pair of vintage shades aren't that easy to come by, and if by luck you do find a pair that's lasted the test of time, you'll be paying a pretty penny for them. The good news is that retailers everywhere are honing in on the vintage sunglass craze and are offering shades that look like they just stepped off of the Boogie Nights set, and at prices that are totally made in the shade. Plus, the new vintage lenses of today offer the ultimate in UV protection...which is a feature our mamma's sunglasses sadly lacked.

vintage eyewear with text.JPG

These tortoise shell Shield Sunglasses from CCS have a great amber color and shield from the harshest of summer rays with 100% UVA and UVB protection for only $14.99. If you want to go a little pricier and a little more glamorous, you can't beat these Dynasty Sunglasses from Active Girl.com featuring Coconut Crème Fade frames and Cream Fade lenses for $100.
And for days out on your vespa, go all Poncherello out Chips style with a pair of sleek metal rimmed Gold Aviators from Wave Fashion for a mere $9.80. If you're not loving any of those, there's always American Apparel's new vintage eyewear line...

...or rifle through your mom's old drawers. You're bound to find something retro fabulous.

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holy crap! I have a pair almost exactly like the Dynasty sunglasses and I never wear them. Hmmm, I should break those bad boys out...

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