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A hot, steamy, McDreamy season of Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday September 25th and boy am I excited.

Will Meredith and Derek build the house of their dreams together, or will McDummy's rebound nurse ruin it all with a McBun in the McOven? Will Lexy and George become more than just roomies? Is Callie really a lesbian? Will Katherine Heigl finally realize she's lucky to be on a hit award-winning show and keep her trap shut? Will Isaiah Washington return to make more homophobic slurs?


I know this isn't a TV medical drama blog, it's a fashion blog. Relax, I'm getting to it.

I've considered contacting the costume designer on Grey's and suggesting that a cool unexpected addition this season for the Seattle Grace residents would be a new and improved wardrobe. Rather than the dingy blue washed out scrubs that make the cast look like every other Tom, Dick, nurse or orderly in the OR, why not mix it up a bit with some cutesy scrubs and hospital uniforms with an edge from Lydia's Uniforms? In Lydia's closet, scrubs are sporting fashion labels from hot designers like Dickie's, Baby Phat, Happy Bunny and more. And with Izzy Stevens herself featured on their cover, you know they must be stylin'. Your patients and viewers will thank you for it. You might even get nominated for an Emmy next year for costume design.

What's up doc?!&*! I just realized Katherine Heigl has her own smokin' scrub collection!

She should be talking to the costume designer at Grey's, not me.

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I have some old scrubs left over from my old job and they are quite comfy and make great hanging around the house clothes or pajamas. Of course mine are hospital issued and, therefore, ugly as sin. But these are CUTE! Good find!

I stumbled accross your blog by using stumbleupon and love the design of the whole thing! I normally skip straight past blogs as I have over 20 in my RSS and dont even have time to read the ones that I have! I am started out as a blogger myself and always tried to keep the design simple like yours as I think it is crucial, if you can back it up with some lovely pics like yours! Keep up the nice work! Cheers!

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