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DisMembers Only

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dis·mem·ber /dɪsˈmɛmbər/
–verb (used with object)
1. to reduce, reorganize, or discontinue the services or parts of (a company, government agency, etc.): Our business was dismembered by the conglomerate that bought it.

My dad used to have a Members Only jacket. So did my mom. My brother and I were Members too. Mine was a pink one. Or was it gray? Come to think of it, I might have had two. Back then I thought my family was part of some exclusive underground clothing club. We could get into VIP rooms everywhere, all thanks to that little black tag on our front left pockets. Membership had it's privileges. We were unstoppable. A secret ring of jacket sporting superstars. Then all of a sudden the 90's came along and alas...our Membership was no good.


Members Only was dismembered and put to rest in exchange for grungy flannel jackets that didn't hold a candle to the Members Only sleek standard of sex appeal.

Then, like a gift from the heavens above, Members Only was licensed in 2004 by Kirtie Regan, who resurrected the brand and developed a new, even sexier line of apparel.

Dismemberment clearly works for some. Members Only is back with a vengeance, with a new line of Classic Bomber jackets that are in a word...the bomb. Making appearances in fashion rags everywhere, be prepared to catch glimpses of shiny metallic gold, silver, pewter, and traditional black Members Only Jackets that are more than a step above their 80's counterparts.

Membership is still exclusive. These jackets retail for $685.

My dad would not approve. He wouldn't buy one for himself, much less pay for Membership dues for the entire family...and I definitely wouldn't own two.

Should've held onto that pink one.

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