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Make it work.

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dear caprilee,

i just arrived at work and realize i hate what i'm wearing!!*! i don't think i can last 8 hours of this. what can i do?



Hi ya Becca,

Hmmm, you didn't leave me many details, so I'm not sure what I'm dealing with here. Your outfit may not be that bad, or...you may be wearing a tutu. Who knows? You also didn't mention where you work. If you work on a construction site, a bright yellow hard hat works out just fine...if you're a perfume spritzer at Saks, not so much.

ugly betty6.JPG
Since I don't have any specifics, I can only offer you a few blind suggestions on how to get through the day:

1. Don't get up from your desk all day unless you have to. Cover your top with file folders.
2. Find a co-worker your size who's wearing a cuter outfit than yours and give her twenty bucks to swap clothes with you.
3. Tell your boss you have cramps and go home.
4. Go shopping for a new outfit at lunch.
5. Hang out in the bathroom with a few fashion mags. When asked where you've been, tell them you had Taco Bell for lunch.

And...to avoid being a fugly Becca in the future...

1. Reserve a section of your closet with easy, no fail pieces. Think classic trousers, pencil skirts, solid tanks and form fitting button downs that you can mix and match and not mess up.
2. Lay out your work outfit the night before (make sure you're not intoxicated when you do it).
3. Keep a crisp fitting blazer in your car or at work. If all else fails, at least you can cover up your top half.
4. Ask your most stylish girlfriend to help you shop for a whole new work wardrobe.
5. Quit your job and work from home.

Work it.

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