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Tina Fey Specs Appeal

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Tina Fey is my hero.

She's more of a hero to me than Claire Bennet, Peter Petrelli, Hiro and the entire cast of Heroes.

Why, you ask?...Why not?

1. She was the first female writer to ever serve as Head Writer at Saturday Night Live.
2. She's been nominated for and has won numerous heavy statues of naked people for her unparalleled wit.
3. Her show 30 Rock is the funniest show on television...next to Flavor of Love.
4. She made fun of her doppelgänger Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin with a brilliant impersonation last weekend on SNL.
5. She's made eyeglasses hotter than low rise coin slot jeans.

Yes, Tina has given women everywhere a reason to toss their tired old contact lenses and wear their glasses with pride.


We all know Hollywood has an aversion to glasses. I like to refer to it as the She's All That syndrome where the ugly duckling female is deemed hideous until she undergoes a transformation... a transformation mainly consisting of removing her glasses. Once the glasses are tossed our heroine magically becomes babelicious and ready to be shot for a cover of Maxim. Like a 4 inch mole being removed from her face, the transition is that powerful.

Tina has pooped on this Hollywood stereotype. In fact, she's even making girls with perfect 20/20 vision wish they were nearsighted so they could don a pair of her sleek signature frames. She has singlehandedly proven that smart is sexy, and being smart and funny is even sexier.

Be proud of your crappy vision and show the world you've got Tina Fey's special brand of chutzpah with your own pair of designer Versace, Prada, Calvin Klein or Coach frames.

And remember the old saying... People who wear glasses shouldn't throw stones at other people wearing glasses.

*Check out even more sexy specs right here.

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