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What a feeling.

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We all wanted to be Jennifer Beals back in 1983. As Alex Owens, the Pittsburgh welder /exotic dancer who has dreams of becoming a prima ballerina, we watched her dance around in her eighties leotards and legwarmers...brazenly wearing a men's tuxedo vest to dinner. She was bold, reckless, and fashion forward back then.

Times have changed.

Jennifer Beals is no longer dancing like she's never danced before. Instead, she's taking a cue from Katy Perry's summer hit: I Kissed a Girl, kissing girls like crazy on her Showtime series The L Word.

Flashdance still lives in our hearts, but thankfully, the style has evolved a bit.

flashdancer2 with text.JPG

Then, the gray sweatshirt was torn and worn with one peekaboo shoulder revealed. Now, it's worn as a dress and belted for a flash of chic genius as shown above with this unisex flex fleece American Apparel Sweatshirt.

Then, red heels were sexy. It's fair to assume red heels will never go out of style, but why settle for boring red pumps when now you can update Jennifer's red shoes with a hot metallic version like these ultra sexy Chinese Laundry Red Mileage Pumps? They'll certainly add a little pump to your pump.

Then, she was a maniac, maniac with that permed hair. Now, lose the curls and sleek your hair down with a ceramic Straightening Iron and you'll be looking like a new and improved Flashdancer of the new millennium in no time.

Hear the music...close your eyes...feel the rhythm.

What a feeling.

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