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One of my very best friends lives in Boston Mass. According to the weather channel this morning, it's 47 degrees up there today in Beantown. It's a sweltering, muggy 82 degrees in Miami. I'd give my favorite chunky ring for a 35 degree drop down in these parts.

I may not be in the market for cute coats to keep me snuggly warm, but my girl up in Boston is, so I thought I'd spend the morning scouting out hot winter outfits for her... My inspiration? Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl fame.


I'm sure my friend already has tons of turtlenecks in her closet. In my humble opinion, they serve as the winter equivalent of the summer tank top. Get some in a few basic colors like these sweet Thumbhole Turtlenecks, and you'll have tons of layering potential. Or go the unlayered route less traveled and wear it by itself with a pair of boot leg jeans. It's certainly hot enough to go it alone. By the by, did I mention these babydoll turtlenecks are only $7.99? A great deal if you ask me, especially considering the fact that Blair Waldorf's probably cost $799.

Caprilee's blog yesterday was tight on tights, so I won't be repetitive, I'll just move straight to the main event: The coat. My friend moved to a posh new apartment a few months back and sadly lost her collection of winter coats in the process. This Primaries & Cream Coat from BB Dakota has so much visual interest, I can't stand it.

Love the plaid, love the cowl neck (wear up or down to create totally different mod looks), love the lovely autumn shades from pumpkin to caramel that'll go with everything in your closet, and most of all...I love the price. It's only $72.99 from Modcloth.com which again is a great steal when you compare it to Leighton's. Hers probably cost close to my next mortgage payment.

I may be sweating here in Miami, but I can still ride my Bostonite's coattails.

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Gossip girls's got a new coat...and it's pretty fly, thanks to you. Watch out Bean Town!!!!!!!!!


wear it well my friend, wear it well...


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