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Puff 'em if you got 'em.

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Are puffy vests still in? I'm looking for winter jackets and don't want to bother if they're out.



Dear Maddie,

Look at you brushing up on the season's trends before you shell out some of your hard earned ducats on a new winter wardrobe. I say Bravo. We should all follow Maddie's lead and put in a little effort when it comes to purchasing seasonal clothing. Depending on where you live, you might only get to wear your new piece for a few months before the last snowball is thrown, so you'd better make it count.

It's better to invest in timeless pieces you'll look forward to wearing for a few more years, and you can always change it up from year to year with trendy accessories that are a sign of the times with price tags that are easier on your wallet. Back to your question...

Are puffy vests still in? Yes.

Puffy pirate shirts? Not so much.

Check out this Gap Puffer Vest in cool seasonal colors like squash, earth brown, off-white, true black and my favorite, the perfect shade of blue gray. Layer it over a cowlneck sweater and you've got the warmth without all the bulk of a full puffy jacket.

puffy vest.JPG

By the by Maddie, if you're in love with a trend and no one else is at that particular moment in time my motto is - "To thine own fashion self be true". Go for it anyway, unless you're really in love with pasties and coulottes...then I'd do some rethinking.


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Wow. These have come a long way since the ones of my youth that made the wearer look like the Michelin Man.

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