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She Wore a Raspberry Beret.

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Alright, it's more rust than raspberry, but then I'd lose my hook.

You don't have to be a French mademoiselle to say Oui Oui to beret fashion. Celebs have rocked the beret casbah all summer long in the sweltering heat. With the weather starting to chill up a bit, I think now is the perfect time to rely on these old Parisian accessories to bring a dash of international glamour and appeal to your Fall wardrobe.

raspberry beret.JPG

Just check out some of the star studded heads these berets have been topping lately: Lauren Conrad, Selma Blair, Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Fergie, Rachel Bilson and lest we forget the political devil in a blue dress Monica Lewinsky.

Since Faye Dunaway wore her cream colored cap in Bonnie and Clyde back in 1967, berets have been synonymous with chic, an American staple when it comes to fashionable head wear. Pick up one of these hip Wide Rimmed Berets for yourself this Autumn. It's not the kind you'd find in a secondhand store...unless you consider Urban Outfitters a secondhand store.

Hip, hip beret!

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