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Devilish fun.

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Welcome back ghouls and goblins, I trust you all had a pleasant weekend. Everyone keeps asking me what I finally ended up dressing up as this past All Hallow's Eve... I'm sad to report that I was a major procrastinator this year.

Usually I have my costume picked out and accessories purchased by mid September. This year, I slacked. I didn't dress up on Friday for Halloween Night but had an amazing yearly Halloween Bash to attend the night after, so Saturday morning I had to put my thinking cap on and come up with some Halloween magic. I knew the costumes stores would have slim pickin's, so I had to be creative and come up with a costume for my boyfriend and I...pronto.

I saw an old magazine with Anne Hathaway on the cover and it hit me. We got some devil horns for my boyfriend, and I wore Prada. Voilà. We were the Devil dates Prada.

devil prada.JPG

Okay, so I didn't really wear Prada. I would have if I owned Prada but alas, I do not. I printed out Prada logo price tags and hung them all over my Prada inspired pieces.

Next year I'm going for the Devil dates Dolce and Gabbana...emphasis on the Dolce.

Solid as a Barack.

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349 electoral votes.
62.5 million popular votes.

It's over.

The hand that Baracks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

Put those ratty pj's to bed.

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On my way to work the other day, I found myself listening intently to an argument on the radio concerning women's sleepwear. The male radio hosts and several male callers were complaining about their girlfriends and/or wives and what they wore to bed...

They all had similar grievances, annoyed that at the beginning stages of their relationships, their ladies would wear sexy, slinky, sometimes naughty bits to bed. Fast forward 4 to 6 months later, and the objects of their affections are hopping into bed clad in ratty t-shirts, grandma nightgowns and pj pants with scottish terriers splattered all over them.

grandma nightgown2.JPG

Apparently, these dudes felt somewhat duped. Like they had been coerced into a relationship with the illusion that every night would be filled with bustiers, corsets, fishnets and lace. Once the wooing was over and the men were "snagged" so to speak, the women resorted back to their old comfy ways with bunny slippers and sweats with holes in the crotch.

I immediately had flashes of my own repertoire of sleep ensembles and that dreaded oversized Toy Story tee. I made a silent vow to rip it into pieces as soon as I got home and use the rags to clean the bathroom. Fortunately, the rest of my sleepwear isn't as sad. I have a few cute little babydolls and some tanks and neutral pj pants that i turn to so i don't have to change when I have to walk the dog at 6am.

Then I thought, wait...what am I doing? I was siding with the boys and feeling insecure about my own pj preferences. Then I became angry. Women have very good reasons for wearing sweats and such to bed.

1. Life isn't a Victoria's Secret catalog. Women don't spend their days leisurely sipping cocoa in skimpy camisoles and cashmere sweaters...at least not in my house.

2. Most women work for a living and work attire isn't always comfortable. The first things I want to do when I get home from a stressful day is...sadly, I admit it. I want to wear that nasty Toy Story tee. So sue me.

3. Most women have little ones and babies at home, why wear a teddy if it's going to be spit up on during a 2am feeding?

4. Sexy sleepwear is high maintenance. We can't just throw them into the washing machine. We need to hand wash or dry clean, and as busy women of the millennium - do we really have time for that?

5. Dainty sleepwear costs money guys. If you don't believe me, just check out the price tag on this Ella Silk Teddy. If you want us to look luxurious, here's a hint...buy us luxurious things.

Ladies, dress for yourself - day and night, and don't let the man in your life pressure you. If he really loves you, he should be happy no matter what you're wearing.

By the way guys...when's the last time you wore anything other than your tighty whities to bed? Case closed.

To fur or not to fur.

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I have this picture of me when I was three, bundled up in an Eskimo coat smiling like a crazy kid with my baby teeth chattering, a toddler Nanook of the North if you will. I often wonder if that fur circling my face was real or faux. If that fur had been real, would my three year old self be doused with red paint today by extreme animal rights activists?

I'm guessing it wasn't real. Why would Mom waste money on a real fur lined coat for a three year old girl who would ever so stylishly grow out of it in a month or two? Not to mention all the snot I'd probably get on it.


As the weather continues to cool, loads and loads of fur coats are coming out to brave the harsh winter and the even harsher folks from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization, better known as PETA.

Fur coats used to serve as symbols of status and decadence in days of old. There was no better way to show off and tell your neighbors "Hey, I'm so rich I wear animals". Then it was diamonds and furs, today it's sunglasses, shoes and handbags that relay images of wealth. Interesting how times have changed, although diamonds are still pretty schnazzy.

Personally, I don't get the real fur thing. Besides adding lots of bulk, why would you want to wear the fur of a helpless creature when there are just as many amazing faux fur designs that feel and look just as luxurious? If you don't believe me, check out Fabulous-Furs- the authorities on guilt free fur. You'll be bound to find a cool fur accented piece of outerwear, fur sure.

Before I get any comments requesting I post that three year old Eskimo photo, don't bother.

It ain't happening.

Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway!

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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
I want your entire wardrobe
your shoes and hand-bags too.

This is the 2nd blog I've written about Anne this week, so she must be special. From the Princess Diaries to the Devil and Prada, we've seen this girl blossom before our eyes into a budding style icon. Today, with only 26 years under her skinny belt, we know we're in for decades of smart outfits and classic looks.

Happy Bday Anne!

p.s. Sorry about your ex.



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xmas booties.JPG

Christmas is a mere six weeks away. Time to start making out those wish lists...

I want to kiss these cutie patootie booties under the mistletoe for $350.

Got that Santa?

Quantum of Solace style.

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The newest James Bond installment opens tonight - Quantum of Solace, and while guys are drooling over Agent 007's hi-tech spy gadgets, cars and the newest Bond girl, I'll be drooling over the clothes. I love a sharp dressed man, and Daniel Craig fills his predeccessor's Hugo Boss shoes nicely. On a scale of 1-10, I give him a double oh seven.
It's Friday night, date night. Make it an affair to remember. Grab your guy, get dressed to the nines in outfits Moneypenny would approve of and head to the movies to see Mr. Craig resurrect Bond...James Bond. I'm liking this Black Wool Dinner Suit from Charles Tyrwhitt for him and this sexy Red Dress from Carabella for her. You'll feel all fancy schmancy, and moviegoers will think you've just come from the opera.

Just don't get any popcorn butter on the clothes. That would be a double oh no-no.

prostidude (noun) [pros-ti-dood, pros-ti-dyood]: 1. A man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners, but acts like he's not. 2. The term most commonly used to describe a man whore.

John Mayer is a prostidude.

Hold up John Mayer fans, don't hurl insults into my comment box just yet. I mean it as a compliment. We all know that John Mayer gets lots o' women...high profile women at that. His wonderland of bodies include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Minka Kelly, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and most recently, our favorite Friend Jennifer Aniston (by the way guys, congrats on the twins! a pair of onesies are already en route compliments of Let's Talk Style).

He gets a lot of A list action, and loves every minute of it. I'm here to let you dudes know, it doesn't take much to prostidude yourself like John.

john mayer prostidude.JPG

1. First, you've gotta tame the hair. Use an organic product like John's Olive Soy Hair Mask from Garden Botanika, and the girls will swoon thanks to your shiny mane and minimal breakage.

2. Prostitudes usually sport a clean, close shave. The better to kiss high maintenance actresses with. Use a high quality Shave Brush like this one from Caswell-Massey and slather on that shaving cream to reveal a baby face she can't resist.

3. We're dealing with the visuals here, but don't forget her other senses. My suspicions tell me that our boy John has a secret weapon in his beauty arsenal -Obsession Cologne. Hit up Fragrance.Net.com for the Calvin Klein classic that makes John smell irresistible while explaining his womens' obsessive behavior.

4. Good jeans will travel. It doesn't really matter what you've got going on on top, as long as you have some beaten up designer denims like these Ed Hardy 5 pocket Jeans from Dr. Jays.

If these items don't give you prized prostitdude status, my theory is wrong.

It could just be the pheromones.

rock model2.JPG

Hi Caprilee,

I'm going to my boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving dinner next week and don't know what to wear. I want to make a good impression but I don't want to overdo it. Any suggestions?



Hi Mags!

Thanks for your question. I'm sure there are plenty of ladies out there in cyberland pondering over what they should wear for the big holiday dinner with the in-laws, new beau's fam, second cousins thrice removed, etc.

I say - First, do some investigative research. Ask your boyfriend how his family usually dresses during the holidays. If they eat turkey on paper plates in shorts and t-shirts around the flat screen, then it's obviously a pretty casual affair- but don't let that be an invitation to wear sweats and a sports bra. You're a special guest this year, so they might just up the ante and dress a little more traditionally in your honor. Odds are it won't be a black tie affair since there will be home cooking and gravy involved, so I would put casually elegant at the top of the menu.


If you wear jeans make sure they're dark, boot cut and not too low slung (you don't want to give Grandpa an eyeful of coin slot if you bend over to pick up a napkin). Pair it with a nice blouse that's a step up from your everyday tee.

If you're more of a dress girl, leave the taffeta and lace at home and choose something that doesn't attract a Iot of attention. You don't want to outdo the audacious Aunt Mae. Keep the majority of your yams covered with a skirt that falls slightly above or at the knee and a bodice that leaves your bosom properly concealed, and don't forget your bra...you don't need your guy's fam to notice when your turkeys are done.

I myself will probably go the safe route with something along the lines of this sweeter-than-a-sweet-potato Sweater Dress from dELiA*s.

Dear Lord,

This year I'm thankful that I have so many blog followers and that my closet is plentiful.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Caprilee!

The People have spoken. Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine...

and me.


I love Hugh you. I mean, I love you Hugh.

Twilight Style.

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If you haven't yet caught wind of the pop culture phenomenon that is Twilight, Stephenie Meyer's ode to young vampire love, it's only a matter of time before you're bitten. The first installment of the four book series enjoys it's big screen debut this Friday, and the lines are forming as I type.

If you thought Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were bloody hot in Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire", you haven't met Edward Cullen. The haunted seventeen year old going on one hundred and eight is God's gift to women, tween girls and quite a few homosexual dudes.

A coven of fans will be out to enjoy the Twilight this weekend. This blog's for them.

twilight style.JPG

Edward Cullen and his lady love Isabella Swan keep each other warm in the cold, wet town of Forks Washington, but I'm outfitting them with some his and her outerwear all the same. A Batman Leather Jacket from Leather Coats etc. for Mr. Cullen (tee hee) and a Solid Toggle Jacket from Alloy for Ms. Swan. I'm throwing in some Extra Strength Whitening Gum to keep Bella's smile as dazzling as Edward's, and Waterproof SPF 30 Sunscreen because Ed has rather sensitive skin...

I'm also gifting Bella with special edition sets of The Lost Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Columbia House DVD Club...just in case the Cullens get crazy.

Ashlee bday3.JPG

Why is Ashlee Simpson jumping for joy?

1. She's going to get that slamming figure back.

2. She and hubby Pete Wentz just welcomed their own miniature fall out boy into the world, Bronx Mowgli Wentz (No comment). Bronx weighed in at 7 lbs, 11 oz and was reported to be playing air guitar with his umbilical cord while lip synching to one of Mom's songs during delivery.

Congrats Pete and Ash!! Hope Bronx likes his onesies!

Black Friday is sixty-four hours away and counting. I along with millions of other brave shopaholics will brave the malls and fight to the death in order to acquire gifts for the people we love.

To most, Black Friday is a tradition to look forward to every year. Black Friday virtuosos are probably already outfitted with protective armor, fanny packs, coupons and flame throwers...

If you're a Black Friday virgin attempting your very first excursion, here are a few tips that might keep you alive and kicking.


Ten Tips for surviving Black Friday...

1. Eat first. Enjoy a nutritious meal before you go into battle, you don't want to pass out from lack of sustenance when you have to fight a caravan of soccer moms for the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts.

2. Wear flats. Although some pointy heeled stilettos might make great weapons if someone's trying to steal that Hermès scarf marked down ninety-five per cent from your stash.

3. Make a list. If you're shopping blindly you'll be overwhelmed. Take names of those who've been naughty or nice and shop accordingly.

4. Pay that big burly neighborhood kid to be your personal bodyguard for the day. You'll feel as important as Britney Spears, crazed shoppers won't knock you down, and when he's not guarding your body he can conveniently hold your bags or your purse if you decide to try on cute things.

5. Wear a Depends undergarment. This is war. No time for bathroom breaks.

6. Keep an envelope filled with gift receipts making it easy for your friends to return the items you risked your life buying when the day after Christmas rolls around.

7. Go early. You have enough leftovers from Thanksgiving, you don't need other shoppers' sloppy seconds.

8. Hit the mall beforehand and grab a map. Circle your must hit stores and develop a clear and direct route. Don't veer off course. I repeat, do not veer off course. Be aware of your emergency exits in case you need to abort your shopping mission.

9. Diversions are good. Print out coupons that say "Good for one Free Picture with Santa" and hand them out to Moms with kids so you have more breathing room in stores. Less competition, more merchandise for you. Just get out before the Moms are on to you and call Mall security.

10. If you do get apprehended by Mall security, feign an epileptic attack.

We'll talk about Shopping the Day after Christmas later...

May the shopping force be with you.

Happy Thanksgiving

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It's better to Thanksgive than to receive, so give thanks this holiday for all of your many blessings...

Your family members that make you laugh...
The friends that let you borrow their designer threads...
The fire department that comes and saves your life when your first homemade Thanksgiving dinner goes up in flames...

Thank you and god bless us everyone.

martha stewart thanksgivig.jpeg

Have a lovely holiday weekend, and may your turkey be stuffed as well as Martha's.

Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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