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Devilish fun.

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Welcome back ghouls and goblins, I trust you all had a pleasant weekend. Everyone keeps asking me what I finally ended up dressing up as this past All Hallow's Eve... I'm sad to report that I was a major procrastinator this year.

Usually I have my costume picked out and accessories purchased by mid September. This year, I slacked. I didn't dress up on Friday for Halloween Night but had an amazing yearly Halloween Bash to attend the night after, so Saturday morning I had to put my thinking cap on and come up with some Halloween magic. I knew the costumes stores would have slim pickin's, so I had to be creative and come up with a costume for my boyfriend and I...pronto.

I saw an old magazine with Anne Hathaway on the cover and it hit me. We got some devil horns for my boyfriend, and I wore Prada. VoilĂ . We were the Devil dates Prada.

devil prada.JPG

Okay, so I didn't really wear Prada. I would have if I owned Prada but alas, I do not. I printed out Prada logo price tags and hung them all over my Prada inspired pieces.

Next year I'm going for the Devil dates Dolce and Gabbana...emphasis on the Dolce.

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How AWESOME is that!!! Love it

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