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Christina pregnant5.JPG
...any questions?

It is my belief that a girl can never have too many shoes, bags, girlfriends, or champagne bottles in her fridge.

The girlfriends we need for the sisterhood, the comfort, the shoulders to cry on, the same sized jeans, and the PMS commiseraters. The shoes and bags we need for work, for play, for status, for pulling together an otherwise drab ensemble and for hundreds of other reasons men will never fully understand.

...and the champagne we need for the mimosas.

I've got the girlfriend department well covered, now I'm moving on to the accessories. Conveniently, I can kill two shopping sprees with one stone and find designer shoes and handbags all in one hot spot - Online Shoes.com

bag smaller7.JPG

Offering a smattering of holiday specials, I filled my shopping bags with bags o' plenty from totes to buckets, clutches to satchels. A few of my faves? This Hobo International slouchy Straw Jacklyn bag marked down to $199.99, the oh so marvelous Maple Ginnie clutch for $129.99, and who could resist Jessica Simpson's Pearl Tote for $79.99?

Oh yeah, did I mention the free shipping and $20 off any $100 purchase?

Now onto the shoes...and the liquor store. I'm gonna need some bubbly to celebrate.

vic sectret fashion show.jpg

It's that time of year again. A time for friends and family to reconnect. A time for spiced egg nog and Secret Santa gift exchanges. A time for half naked supermodel angels to prance around in holiday themed lingerie making women everywhere regret that second helping of turkey on Thanksgiving.

The glamour is back with the 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. All of the girl's bodies we love to hate will be there: Adriana Lima, the no belly button wonder Karolina Kurkova and Miss Auf Weidersen herslef, Heidi Klum. Guys will drool, teen boys will drool even more, and women will calculate their Body Mass Indexes.

This year, the fashion show takes place in my neck of the woods - the good old MIA at my old stomping ground The Fountainbleau Hotel with the vocal stylings of Usher serenading the models of perfection as they do their little turns on the catwalk.

I'll be tuned in. I was a Victoria's Secret employee back in the day and still have a soft spot for sparkly push up bras...but deep down I'll be secretly hoping one of them trips.

So if you're into giant wings with no sides of stuffing, tune in to CBS tonight at 10pm eastern. If not, you'll probably be better off watching the quick fire challenge on Top Chef.

As Heidi would say, "You're either in or you're out."

Model confusion.

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Big ticket Christmas items are highly overrated. Anyone can hit Best Buy for the newest iPod or designer laptop, but to me...it's all about the ingenuity that goes into stuffing the perfect Christmas stocking.

Forget the dollhouses, bikes and train sets...when I was a little girl, the first thing I'd tackle on Christmas morning was my overflowing crocheted sock dangling from the banister. I can still remember it...

{Insert Snowflake transition leading to Christmas flashback here}

Red and green yarn woven together harmoniously to create the most festive of holiday prints with a Hello My Name Is tag stuck on it with my name scrawled in by Mom (to differentiate from my brother's identical stocking filled with random Star Wars paraphernalia).

Good things come in little packages (a motto I fully endorse at 5'2 inches tall, wedgeless), therefore I have put together a hodgepodge of stocking stuffers for all of the lady loves in your life. From sistas to girlfriends, crushes to divas, there's something for everyone showcased in Sammy's Stocking Hall of Fame.

stylish stocking stuffers7.JPG

1. For the Little Girl at Heart. These Momiji Friendship Dolls are adorably funky desk top accents that bring back the days of pigtails, doll playing and Easy Bake Ovens. They're a little more sophisticated than a gangsta Bratz doll and only $12. Plus, the girl who sits in the cubicle next to your Little Girl will totally wanna swipe it .

2. For the Princess. Vera Wang's Princess Sparkling Creme Perfume for $38 is perfect for the girlie girl on the go. She'll adore this sweet solid perfume that can easily attach to a key chain, purse, or belt loop for easy access. In fact, she'll love it almost as much as she loves her tiara.

3. For the Juicy Glamour Girl. These Juicy Couture Logo Pearl studs will delight any Fashionista who loves flashing around her celebrity brand status. They're a steal for $42, hopefully she won't use them to bling her chihuahua's ears instead.

4. For the Shopaholic. There isn't anything I'd rather find in my stocking that an Anthropologie gift card tucked away in it's own adorable little mitten. I normally don't like being told what to do, but this gift forces me to shut up, shop, and buy myself something pretty. Go ahead, boss me around some more.

5. For the Girl you'll never forget. This delicate silver or gold Forget Me Not Ring from Delight.com serves as a constant reminder of how much you love your giftee while also doubling as a reminder that she needs to pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter on the way home from work.

6. For the Ho. You know she's a Ho, she knows she's a Ho and all the playahs in da club know she's a Ho. Give her a gift that celebrates her Ho-manship with a handy Ho on the Go Kit for $25 that comes stocked with a spare pair of panties, 2 condoms, a toothbrush, mini toothpaste and aromatherapy towelette. She'll feel better during her walk of shame knowing you support her free lovin' lifestyle.

May the stocking stuffing begin!

Dear Caprilee,

I like the look of Mary Janes, but aren't they just for little girls?


Dear Mel,

Traditionally Mary Janes are considered low heeled, broad and rounded closed toed shoes featuring a single-buckle strap across the instep and/or around the ankle, and yes...they are mainly associated with little girls, ruffles and petticoats.

Black patent leather Mary Janes were all the rage when I was in Pre-School, a trend I never had the chance to fully enjoy since I was born pigeon toed and sentenced to a childhood wearing clunky orthopedic shoes that made me feel like I worked on a chain gang.

christmas shoes mary janes.jpg

I have a lot of years to make up for, so thank the Shoe Gods that there's a wide variety of designer Mary Jane pumps out there inspired by little girls, but made for big girl feet. Try on these No Barre Pumps or a pair of Eventa Patent Mary-Janes from the master of luxury footwear Christian Louboutin.

They're girlishly sexy with skyscraper height, totally unShirleyTemple-like, and so much lighter than those Iron Man clunkers of my childhood. Did I mention Manolo Blahnik makes a camouflage Mary Jane?

Just call me G.I. Mary Jane.

mary jane shoes2.JPG

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Caprilee!

Let me preface this blog by saying that I have nothing against lesbians... Hey, I love lesbians! Not in a biblical sense. I love dudes more, but I think lesbians are usually the coolest chicks on the block and am totally looking forward to Season 6 of the L Word. I even have my Tivo set to catch the premiere and all that lesbo loving action on Showtime January 18th.

I've simply noticed that since Lindsay Lohan began her romantic relationship with DJ extraordinaire Samantha Ronson, she's become rather, I don't know...boring.

Lindsay Lohan Santa2.JPG

Whatever happened to crazy Lindsay? The one who wrecked cars, racked up DUIs, tossed back shots like they were vials of Smart Water, and showed up late on the sets of her films all hungover and bedraggled? Lately Lindsay's been wearing her panties, covering up her Herbies Fully Loaded, and has been maintaining a lower than low profile. The girl who used to love color, leather, minis and bold fashion statements has now settled for a drably neutral color palette consisting of a wardrobe filled with gray tees, jeans and other safe, androgynous staples.

Who is the Grinch who stole Lindsay's heterosexuality?

Was it playground love Aaron Carter who dumped her for Hilary Duff's stuff? Could it have been our favorite exchange student from That Seventies Show Wilmer Valderamma who did the deed? Or maybe it was rehab rebound Tony Allen who pounced on our vulnerable Lindsay. The Lindsay Ex list goes on and on and on making it nearly impossible to pin down one culprit. Who knows, maybe it was Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" song that threw her over the edge.

All I know is that the Grinch who stole Lindsay's love of boys also seems to have stolen her love of fashion and drama.

This New Year Lindsay, I say make one resolution - get into some trouble.

USWeekly misses you and your bad girl self...as do I.

Model got back.

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I recently found a half written piece sitting in my blog queue that I never got around to finishing. It was late Spring, and the rush of Summer bikini styles weighed heavily on my mind. The article was about finding the perfect swimsuit and showing off your curves with confidence. The working title was "Embrace your inner Bettie Page on the Beach".

This weekend I read that the legendary pinup model, icon and focus of my piece was no longer with us. The Notorious Bettie Page passed away last Thursday in Los Angeles after suffering from a heart attack in early December.

betty page pinup2.JPG
I adored Bettie Page. Who didn't? Men loved her for obvious reasons, and women secretly envied her body, her chutzpah, her pageboy hairdo and those adorably kitschy trademark bangs. Bettie played a key part in inciting the sexual revolution of the 60's by posing in an estimated 20,000 black and white photographs that raised more than a few eyebrows (while consequently prompting a Senate investigation). While some argue she was objectified in her racy photo spreads, others believe she instilled women with confidence and the power to shock - a power Madonna, Paris, Britney and Lindsay have repeatedly cashed in on.

This Summer, I will indeed Embrace my Inner Bettie and don a fun, flirty swimsuit like this Rusty Pacifico Bikini Bettie would have worn back in the day...sans the whips and platforms.

Bettie will continue to reign as Queen of Retro style with rockabilly chicks across the nation donning her polka-dot dresses in homage to the original Girl Next Door. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, follow Bettie's lead and make every outfit a true Page turner.

dear caprilee...what's the current rule on heel height when you're dating a shorter man...?...can i go taller than him?....or is that in bad taste and just plain rude?



Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question. I personally have yet to date a man shorter than my 5 foot 2 inch stature, (except for Eric Farley who I totally towered over in Pre K) but I can see the potential quandary for those women who aren't as vertically challenged as yours truly.

Most celebrity actresses/models don't mind if they've got a foot or two on their male escorts because they love the spotlight and crave being the centers of attention. Case in point - Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise might have achieved success getting his statuesque sweetheart to say goodbye to Jesus in the name of Scientology, but he hasn't gotten her to say goodbye to those sky high heels. Every time she makes the red carpet rounds she towers over Tom, even though the height difference is only 2 inches (she's 5'9, he's 5'7). It won't be long before Suri exchanges her baby booties for 4 inch high leather booties, and finds herself looking down on dear old Dad along with Katie.

tall and short with text2.JPG

I usually opt for the highest heels available to avoid standing on my tip tip tippy toes whenever I want to kiss my tall, dark and handsome significant other. If the roles were reversed, would I ditch my strappy heeled sandals? I don't know. I'm stumped...literally.

Here's the long and short of it Linda - I'm usually known to shun rules. I don't believe in them. Wanna wear white after Labor Day? I don't care, just work it and own it with confidence and I'm a happy camper. If you love wearing high heels but are worried about Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Happy or Doc's ego getting bruised...ask your guy straight up if he minds being seen about town with a Glamazon. If he has a problem with it, there are plenty of stylish flats in the sea. BUT- Don't get rid of your collection of stilettos just yet. You might break up with shorty and your next beau might be of epic sized proportions.

Hope this helps.


p.s. If you're a tall drink of water looking for some clothes to coordinate with those killer shoes, Long Elegant Legs has a rather statuesque selection.

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Caprilee!

A co-worker sent me this ad from the 1950's and told me I had to
blog about it...

Lane Bryant.JPG
After skimming the copy I was confused...was I reading an advertisement for plus-sized girl's clothing, or propaganda beckoning little girls toting a few extra pounds of baby weight to drown themselves in the nearest body of water?

Am I the only one who finds this insulting? I can't imagine what other ingenious marketing strategies were presented during those ad exec meetings. {Concept: Hey, let's call young impressionable girls names and their moms will buy our stuff!}

Why would I be inspired to buy clothing designated for Chubbies, especially when it's highlighted in such an abnormally large font? Where is the lure? I would be just as willing to respond to ads promising -

Free glasses for BLINDIES

Free soap for STINKIES

Free antiperspirant for SWEATIES

Free Pre-menstrual meds for BITCHIES

Free self help books for CRAZIES

Free wigs for BALDIES

I get it, things were different back then and it took a few more decades for the idea of political correctness to take hold - but come on. First of all, the little girl featured in the ad looks perfectly normal sized to me (unless they have her strategically fanning her skirt out to conceal 30 pounds of hippage) and second, I thought Marilyn Monroe at size 14 was considered the ideal body image in the 50's. I bet they weren't sending her free chubby catalogs.

I scoured the pages of the current Lane Bryant catalog out of curiosity and am proud to report that I found not one instance of "Chubby" vernacular. In fact, the main focus of the copy was that these were real clothes and real fashions for real women.

Kudos to Lane Bryant for keeping it real and rejecting their predecessor's antiquated marketing strategies. Lane Bryant is now distinguished as "The fashion leader in women's plus size clothing" making bootylicious women everywhere feel like the sexy, voluptuous goddesses they are.

Thank god their forefathers didn't use the terms FATTIES, FLABBIES or TUBBIES... then I'd really be pissed.

Model and the Bear

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model and  bear2.JPG

Santa Baby

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Santa baby clothing with text2.JPG
Santa baby,
just put these goodies under the tree
for me.
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, forget about recessions tonight.

Think of all the couture I've missed
Think of all the Gucci that I haven't kissed
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas Wish list:

1. Michael Kors leather belt
2. Brian Atwood ankle boots
3. Paul & Joe Sister Satin dress
4. Jimmy Choo bag

Bee Doo Bee Doo...

[to be continued]

Santa Baby redux

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Santa Baby 4 with text.JPG

Santa baby,
i changed my mind and made a few tweaks
for me.
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, I want these goodies instead tonight.

Think of all the blogs I've writ
Think of all the readers and our web site hits
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas Wish list:

1. Polished Stone Ring
2. See By Chloé Zipped Hem Jeans
3. Buckaroo Blouse
4. Chloé Bay Patent Leather Bag
5. Chloé Calf High Boots

Bee Doo Bee Doo...

Have yourself a Merry Little Britmas...
May your tops be tight
From now on,
your privates will be out of sight

And have yourself a Merry Little Britmas now.


Merry Christmas Y'all!

Merry week after Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and received many stylish gifts under your tree.

My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the movies, and this Christmas was no exception. I stood in line with my tail a wagging, anxious to sink my paws into Marley & Me, the Jennifer Aniston/Owen Wilson adaption of the bestseller about a lovable yet laborious Labrador Retreiver.

I was not alone. Marley & Me was top dog at the box office selling an estimated $37 million dollars worth of tickets during the traditional three-day weekend and earning $14.7 million alone on Christmas Day-- a new Christmas Day record.

I'm not ashamed to admit this movie made me bawl harder than a two year old on a drunk Santa's lap. It made me feel sorry for ever yelling at my puppy for peeing on the Calvin Klein duvet, swallowing a penny (costing me a small fortune in vet bills) or chewing those designer heels I loved way back when. Even though my dog was never quite the terror Marley was, I feel there's a little bit of Marley in every dog, cat, ferret, goldfish, iguana [insert your household pet of choice here]. I was touched on so many levels - it made me proud to be a dog owner, proud to be a writer and proud to have opened up my home to a darling creature who enriches my life every single day.

In honor of Marley & Me, I've searched high and low for my favorite stylish dog apparel items that your Marley is sure to love.

marley 3.JPG

1. There's no greater joy for a man than settling down on the couch with chips, brewskis and Man's Best Friend to watch the big game. Dress Marley up in this Touchdown Football Sweater from GW Little and get ready to bark up a storm at the Jaguars, Panthers and other cat themed NFL teams.

2. Through wind and weather these Paw Z Dog Boots protect your puppy's precious paws from snow, lawn chemicals, liquids, soil and sand (as well as your just shampooed carpet). Stock up on these Crocs for dogs with a dozen biodegradable rubber booties for only $12.99. They totally make my dog Zoey look like a superhero.

3. Collar - $35. Tee Shirt - $22. My Pup?...Priceless. Say it all with this Priceless Tee from In the Company of Dogs so your Marley will always know just how treasured she is.

4. When your Marley darts away from you on your next walk, rest assured she'll be returned to you in no time thanks to these un frou frou like unisex Personalized Nylon Dog Collars from Fetch Dog. Your phone number is prominently featured in case they get lost and all the dogs at the park will know your pup by name. [Sometimes a dog wants to go where everybody knows their name].

Who's a good dog?

p.s. It's not too early to get your best pal outfitted for next Christmas. Check out this Santa Dog suit for the 2009 holiday season. Just don't be upset when she swipes the cookies you leave for the real Santa.

I blogged yesterday about the wholesome runaway holiday hit Marley & Me starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and a dog that's captured the hearts of moviegoers across the country (plus a few ecstatic studio heads). Here Jennifer Aniston is looking not so wholesome, all tied up on the cover of GQ. There has been some controversy surrounding her dare to bare cover, and Jen recently admitted that her sexy as sin GQ cover was retouched.

Most men will agree, a chick donning a man's tie is pretty high on the Richter scale of hotness. On most fashion shoots celebrity actresses get to skim through racks and racks of divine couture clothing, choosing their perfect look. I imagine the rack for this shoot looked pretty sparse when Jen rifled through it, with bow ties, long ties, short ties and maybe even a few bolo ties hanging there all by their lonesome.


If I were styling this shoot, I'd head to Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts for their smart collection of men's dress ties because if you're limited to only one accessory, you'd better make it good.

I'm sure Jen's beau John Mayer - the prostitude was fit to be tied when he saw the cover. What guy wants to share their 97% naked lady love's likeness with a readership of over 4 million?

Maybe the cover was a ploy from Jen, subliminally urging John to tie the knot.

Smart move Jen...smart move.

Here's to a stylish New Year

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happy new year3.JPG

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