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Ads from the fifties were wack

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A co-worker sent me this ad from the 1950's and told me I had to
blog about it...

Lane Bryant.JPG
After skimming the copy I was confused...was I reading an advertisement for plus-sized girl's clothing, or propaganda beckoning little girls toting a few extra pounds of baby weight to drown themselves in the nearest body of water?

Am I the only one who finds this insulting? I can't imagine what other ingenious marketing strategies were presented during those ad exec meetings. {Concept: Hey, let's call young impressionable girls names and their moms will buy our stuff!}

Why would I be inspired to buy clothing designated for Chubbies, especially when it's highlighted in such an abnormally large font? Where is the lure? I would be just as willing to respond to ads promising -

Free glasses for BLINDIES

Free soap for STINKIES

Free antiperspirant for SWEATIES

Free Pre-menstrual meds for BITCHIES

Free self help books for CRAZIES

Free wigs for BALDIES

I get it, things were different back then and it took a few more decades for the idea of political correctness to take hold - but come on. First of all, the little girl featured in the ad looks perfectly normal sized to me (unless they have her strategically fanning her skirt out to conceal 30 pounds of hippage) and second, I thought Marilyn Monroe at size 14 was considered the ideal body image in the 50's. I bet they weren't sending her free chubby catalogs.

I scoured the pages of the current Lane Bryant catalog out of curiosity and am proud to report that I found not one instance of "Chubby" vernacular. In fact, the main focus of the copy was that these were real clothes and real fashions for real women.

Kudos to Lane Bryant for keeping it real and rejecting their predecessor's antiquated marketing strategies. Lane Bryant is now distinguished as "The fashion leader in women's plus size clothing" making bootylicious women everywhere feel like the sexy, voluptuous goddesses they are.

Thank god their forefathers didn't use the terms FATTIES, FLABBIES or TUBBIES... then I'd really be pissed.

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I really can't believe this was an actual ad - I thought it was a joke at first. Could you imagine the uproar this would cause today?!?

There were much less overweight people back then. Today, we call chubby women "curvy" which is an insult to women everywhere because now curvy is associated with being large. There is such thing as a thin woman who is curvy. No term is a good term really. Overweight maybe? Overweight clothing section? Obese section? Larger-than-what-is-healthy section?

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