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Dear Caprilee,

I like the look of Mary Janes, but aren't they just for little girls?


Dear Mel,

Traditionally Mary Janes are considered low heeled, broad and rounded closed toed shoes featuring a single-buckle strap across the instep and/or around the ankle, and yes...they are mainly associated with little girls, ruffles and petticoats.

Black patent leather Mary Janes were all the rage when I was in Pre-School, a trend I never had the chance to fully enjoy since I was born pigeon toed and sentenced to a childhood wearing clunky orthopedic shoes that made me feel like I worked on a chain gang.

christmas shoes mary janes.jpg

I have a lot of years to make up for, so thank the Shoe Gods that there's a wide variety of designer Mary Jane pumps out there inspired by little girls, but made for big girl feet. Try on these No Barre Pumps or a pair of Eventa Patent Mary-Janes from the master of luxury footwear Christian Louboutin.

They're girlishly sexy with skyscraper height, totally unShirleyTemple-like, and so much lighter than those Iron Man clunkers of my childhood. Did I mention Manolo Blahnik makes a camouflage Mary Jane?

Just call me G.I. Mary Jane.

mary jane shoes2.JPG

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Caprilee!

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Mary Jane girl:

omg...i would kill myself in those heels. But they are sooooo pretty!!!!

LOVE the No Barre pumps!!! Far from little-girl fashion.

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