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I blogged yesterday about the wholesome runaway holiday hit Marley & Me starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and a dog that's captured the hearts of moviegoers across the country (plus a few ecstatic studio heads). Here Jennifer Aniston is looking not so wholesome, all tied up on the cover of GQ. There has been some controversy surrounding her dare to bare cover, and Jen recently admitted that her sexy as sin GQ cover was retouched.

Most men will agree, a chick donning a man's tie is pretty high on the Richter scale of hotness. On most fashion shoots celebrity actresses get to skim through racks and racks of divine couture clothing, choosing their perfect look. I imagine the rack for this shoot looked pretty sparse when Jen rifled through it, with bow ties, long ties, short ties and maybe even a few bolo ties hanging there all by their lonesome.


If I were styling this shoot, I'd head to Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts for their smart collection of men's dress ties because if you're limited to only one accessory, you'd better make it good.

I'm sure Jen's beau John Mayer - the prostitude was fit to be tied when he saw the cover. What guy wants to share their 97% naked lady love's likeness with a readership of over 4 million?

Maybe the cover was a ploy from Jen, subliminally urging John to tie the knot.

Smart move Jen...smart move.

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Photoshopping or no photoshopping, Jen always looks great. I hope I can look half as good when I'm her age :)

Emely Lederman:

Jennifer is a gorgeous woman who deserves to be loved. I think if I ever had a celebrity as a best friend it would be her. Brad and Angie go well together but he was perfect with Jennifer I think.

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