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dear caprilee...what's the current rule on heel height when you're dating a shorter man...?...can i go taller than him?....or is that in bad taste and just plain rude?



Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question. I personally have yet to date a man shorter than my 5 foot 2 inch stature, (except for Eric Farley who I totally towered over in Pre K) but I can see the potential quandary for those women who aren't as vertically challenged as yours truly.

Most celebrity actresses/models don't mind if they've got a foot or two on their male escorts because they love the spotlight and crave being the centers of attention. Case in point - Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise might have achieved success getting his statuesque sweetheart to say goodbye to Jesus in the name of Scientology, but he hasn't gotten her to say goodbye to those sky high heels. Every time she makes the red carpet rounds she towers over Tom, even though the height difference is only 2 inches (she's 5'9, he's 5'7). It won't be long before Suri exchanges her baby booties for 4 inch high leather booties, and finds herself looking down on dear old Dad along with Katie.

tall and short with text2.JPG

I usually opt for the highest heels available to avoid standing on my tip tip tippy toes whenever I want to kiss my tall, dark and handsome significant other. If the roles were reversed, would I ditch my strappy heeled sandals? I don't know. I'm stumped...literally.

Here's the long and short of it Linda - I'm usually known to shun rules. I don't believe in them. Wanna wear white after Labor Day? I don't care, just work it and own it with confidence and I'm a happy camper. If you love wearing high heels but are worried about Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Happy or Doc's ego getting bruised...ask your guy straight up if he minds being seen about town with a Glamazon. If he has a problem with it, there are plenty of stylish flats in the sea. BUT- Don't get rid of your collection of stilettos just yet. You might break up with shorty and your next beau might be of epic sized proportions.

Hope this helps.


p.s. If you're a tall drink of water looking for some clothes to coordinate with those killer shoes, Long Elegant Legs has a rather statuesque selection.

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I don't think a girl should give up her heels when with a vertically challenged guy. Love my shoes too much. Really though, I would probably reconsider if I truly felt it made him uncomfortable.


My husband is 5'11 and I'm 6'. Thats not a big difference in terms of inches but when you're already a glamazon without heels it can become an issue. Sadly he is the type that dislikes the height difference, and I'm barred from shoes with a heel. There are lots of flats available, but the long and short of this story is... flats don't do you any favors when you're wearing short dresses. He's a great guy in every other respect, and obviously I didn't let the fact that I couldn't look 100% in every outfit get between me and the love of my life, but I think it's ok to be a *little* resentful, teehee.

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