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Big ticket Christmas items are highly overrated. Anyone can hit Best Buy for the newest iPod or designer laptop, but to me...it's all about the ingenuity that goes into stuffing the perfect Christmas stocking.

Forget the dollhouses, bikes and train sets...when I was a little girl, the first thing I'd tackle on Christmas morning was my overflowing crocheted sock dangling from the banister. I can still remember it...

{Insert Snowflake transition leading to Christmas flashback here}

Red and green yarn woven together harmoniously to create the most festive of holiday prints with a Hello My Name Is tag stuck on it with my name scrawled in by Mom (to differentiate from my brother's identical stocking filled with random Star Wars paraphernalia).

Good things come in little packages (a motto I fully endorse at 5'2 inches tall, wedgeless), therefore I have put together a hodgepodge of stocking stuffers for all of the lady loves in your life. From sistas to girlfriends, crushes to divas, there's something for everyone showcased in Sammy's Stocking Hall of Fame.

stylish stocking stuffers7.JPG

1. For the Little Girl at Heart. These Momiji Friendship Dolls are adorably funky desk top accents that bring back the days of pigtails, doll playing and Easy Bake Ovens. They're a little more sophisticated than a gangsta Bratz doll and only $12. Plus, the girl who sits in the cubicle next to your Little Girl will totally wanna swipe it .

2. For the Princess. Vera Wang's Princess Sparkling Creme Perfume for $38 is perfect for the girlie girl on the go. She'll adore this sweet solid perfume that can easily attach to a key chain, purse, or belt loop for easy access. In fact, she'll love it almost as much as she loves her tiara.

3. For the Juicy Glamour Girl. These Juicy Couture Logo Pearl studs will delight any Fashionista who loves flashing around her celebrity brand status. They're a steal for $42, hopefully she won't use them to bling her chihuahua's ears instead.

4. For the Shopaholic. There isn't anything I'd rather find in my stocking that an Anthropologie gift card tucked away in it's own adorable little mitten. I normally don't like being told what to do, but this gift forces me to shut up, shop, and buy myself something pretty. Go ahead, boss me around some more.

5. For the Girl you'll never forget. This delicate silver or gold Forget Me Not Ring from Delight.com serves as a constant reminder of how much you love your giftee while also doubling as a reminder that she needs to pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter on the way home from work.

6. For the Ho. You know she's a Ho, she knows she's a Ho and all the playahs in da club know she's a Ho. Give her a gift that celebrates her Ho-manship with a handy Ho on the Go Kit for $25 that comes stocked with a spare pair of panties, 2 condoms, a toothbrush, mini toothpaste and aromatherapy towelette. She'll feel better during her walk of shame knowing you support her free lovin' lifestyle.

May the stocking stuffing begin!

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lol - I am LOVIN' that ho on the go kit!! Wouldn't need it now, but back in the day...


I'm with you on the Anthropologie gift card :) Such a great store & you have so many choices - housewares, clothes, & accessories.

Perfume fragrances and colognes really make one feel better when you are down. And also contribute to your self confidence when you need that little extra boost.

Just wanted to stop by and agree


Nice, love your blog.


Nice blog entry! Your blog is one of the better ones I've seen! Looking forward to some more entries from you.

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