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If you haven't heard, Whitney Port - our favorite good girl stylist and budding fashion designer from The Hills - has left Lauren Conrad's side and the warmth of La La Land to take The City by storm. New York City that is.

It was only a matter of time before Whitney stepped out from supporting character status to embrace the spotlight all on her own with an MTV reality show catered just for her.

the city cast.jpg

She's moved on to greener pastures (concrete pastures rather) and has a new job at DVF (Ahem, that's Diane Von Furstenberg to you fashion civilians), plus a new crew of city friends including Aussie rock star boyfriend Jay (who isn't comfy with the boyfriend/girlfriend title just yet), Erin, the lovable roommate/confidante/party girl with a killer set of bangs and Olivia, the Upper East Side socialite who wants to take Whitney under her blinged out wing, and teach her everything there is to know about The City. I'm not sure about Olivia. Does she have ulterior motives? Does she secretly have a thing for Whitney's scruffy boyfriend, (sorry Jay), scruffy man friend? And why does she wear those two teenie tiny mini cips in her hair, recreating my second grade signature hairstyle?

One of the things I always loved about Whitney during her stint on The Hills was that she always steered clear of the drama...which may prove difficult now that she's headlining this act. Two boys have already fought over her, and it's only the beginning of the season.

Will our dear, sweet wholesome Whitney be corrupted by the big, bad unforgiving city? Will she come crawling back to the West Coast, or flourish in the fashion capital of the world?

If any or all of the above peaks your interest, tune in for the next installment tonight. It ain't Masterpiece Theatre, but it's worth watching just to see what Whit wears on all her date nights...with her friend, not boyfriend.

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