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It was an exciting Superbowl XLIII last night with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals fighting to the death for football's most prestigious honor. There was lots to talk about, and I'm sure Sports bloggers everywhere are having a field day. Yep, pun intended.

I could talk about the Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes' defining catch in the last 35 seconds of the fourth quarter, I could talk about James Harrison's interception resulting in an epic 100 yard touchdown, I could talk about Bruce Springsteen's half time show where he slid around the stage proving he was still as Boss as ever, I could talk about all those clever commercials...but I won't.

This is a style blog after all, and although I can appreciate men tackling, bunting and completing passes all so they can get that Superbowl bling on their fingers, my star of the night was Jennifer Hudson.

jennifer hudson superbowl.JPG

The Steelers and the Cardinals looked adorable in their hot pants, padding and protective gear, but Jen was the star of the evening IMHO, wearing a flowy white top, Black Cropped Ruffle Jacket decked out with brass buttons, and complimenting gold hoops and bangles. Not to mention her finest accessory, that voice.

Singing the national anthem with as much feeling and passion as in her Academy Award winning rendition of And I am Telling You I am Not Going from Dreamgirls, Jennifer returned to the spotlight Sunday in her first performance since the October slayings in Chicago of her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. Hudson proved she was indeed from the Home of the Brave by using the Super Bowl’s massive television audience to mark her return to the spotlight. She is also scheduled to perform at next week’s Grammy Awards, and her fans are ecstatic to have her back.

You might not have caught anything, kicked anything, passed anything or run anywhere Jen...but you're still my MVP.

It's 2009 and you want a bold new look that says I'm rock star fabulous...You can't get any more rock star than when you're sporting a fine tight pair of leather pants.

Stella Zotis from last seasons Project Runway loved her leath-ah. If you love leath-ah as much as Stella, but you also have a soft spot for cattle, you're in luck. There's a lot of leath-ah fashions cruising down the runways including these leather inspired PVC Leggings from Les Chiffoniers that look even cooler than the ones Olivia Newton-John parades in at the end of Grease.

leather pants with text.JPG

Both Kate Moss and Juliette and the Licks frontwoman Juliette Lewis have been seen around town wearing the leggings from this hot new label. For a look with an edge, you simply cannot lose.

If you're not PETA-friendly, go for the real thing with these Leather leggings for $955.

Grease is the word.

New shoes in the morning
new shoes in the evening
new shoes at suppertime...
When I'm wearing new shoes,
I'm always feeling fine.

*[especially when I'm wearing these Chloe Women's Leather High Wedges from Bloomies]

chloe wedges.JPG

Model hairstyles

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Award season 2009 continued with the 51st Annual Grammy Awards last night at the Staples Center in LA, and although I wasn't able to watch the arrivals live on the red carpet, I've spent the morning poring over the cold hard evidence and have dutifully scored my rock and roll regalia ballots. Who hit the high notes and who fell flatter than Bikini Girl from American Idol? Read and rock on...

Sugar: Singer Sara Bareilles. She was nominated for her hit Love Song and dressed accordingly, showing up red carpet ready, looking like she just stepped out of an ad for Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely perfume. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea and crumpets, but I say Oui Oui to Sara's romantic Parisian frock. In a sea of leather, sometimes it's nice to look like you enjoy being a girl.

Grammys2009 with text.JPG

Spice: Call me crazy, but I think I loved David Cassidy's daughter's dress. Actress Katie Cassidy brought a bit of bohemia to the red carpet with a spicy look that definitely stood out from the collection of safe Grammy styles hitting the red carpet. Normally I don't dig the hippie headband look, but Katie made it work for me. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus wore lovely black gowns, but were they memorable? I think not.

Most Honorable mentions: American Idol alums Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood. Simon says, you both looked hot.

Not nice: Most folks are going to point a finger at M.I.A. claiming she was by far the worst dressed of the evening, but I'm coming to her defense. To me M.I.A. came off as young, hip, edgy, fun and got points for being true to her ecclectic style while ingeniously covering up that baby bump...Plus, someone has to take over when Björk isn't invited. Paula Abdul on the other hand? If you were going for Barbarella, you ended up looking more like Barbarhella...Get sober and fire your stylist Paula. Your outfits hurt my eyes.

The big question of the night was what happened to the dynamic R&B duo no shows - Chris Brown and Rihanna? Turns out instead of beating his fellow nominees, Chris Brown was beating on his Rihanna. Next time Rihanna, hit him with your umbrella-ella-ella, hey hey.

Dear Sammy,

I'm confused, is it cool to have your bra straps showing or not?



Dear Tori,

Hi there!

Color me happy, you are my very first fashion query! I wish I could send you a Spring Collection Gucci handbag as a personal thank you but sadly, the only thing I have to offer is my sound fashion advice...that and a roll of Sweet Tarts I just found at the bottom of my purse.

You've asked a great question Tori. Living in Miami, I see women traipsing around every day with their bra straps exposed and sometimes it's purposeful, sometimes it's accidental, and sometimes it's someone's Nana with a mumu that keeps slipping off her shoulders.

exposed bra straps.JPG

I can't give you a definitive right or wrong answer because there are varying fashion stances on this particular subject. Uncougar-like chicks over forty will probably turn their noses down on exposed bra straps to any degree. I'm a young, Carrie Bradshaw loving girl who doesn't mind taking the occasional fashion risk. Sarah Jessica Parker boldly went where no non-Goth girl had ever gone before baring her bra straps on Sex and the City and creating a trend that was quickly embraced and imitated.

It's relatively impossible to find a good bra nowadays for under thirty bucks, and when you're dishing out the same amount of cash you'd normally spend on a cute top, why not show it off? If you're brave and don't mind snarky stares from old ladies, go for it and get strap happy. I only have a few simple conditions...

1. Make sure the bra is pretty. If it's old and seen better days, throw it away or keep it hidden. Why advertise an ugly bra that lets the world know you spend more of your paycheck on cocktails than a trip to Victoria's Secret?

2. If the bra fits, wear it. If it doesn't fit, donate it to your little sister or smaller boobed friends and co-workers.

3. Make it a colorful solid or print. No matter how cute it is, if it's a white bra strap peeking out from your wifebeater, it's gonna look like it's a mistake. Case in point, see Britney down below. Gwen Stefani's bold Jungle Red bra says "Hey, I meant to do that" while Brit's says "I shaved my head, what do you expect?"

exposed bras.JPG

Thanks again for being my style guinea pig Tori and if you're ever bra strapped for fashion advice again, I'm just an email away.


ps - Still want those Sweet Tarts?

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model twins

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model twins.JPG

scott 6.JPG

Ablaze with Boyfriend blazers

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boyfriend blazer with text 4.JPG

The Boyfriend Blazer.

Cut for a man, but made for a woman. If you haven't noticed, there is a surplus of boyfriend themed apparel hanging on department store racks nowadays. The boyfriend jean, the boyfriend vest, the boyfriend cardigan, the boyfriend shirt. I'm waiting for the day when they have a rack specially reserved for boyfriends...period. How cool would that be? We'd be able to conveniently take boyfriends into the dressing room to try on one at a time and have salespeople bring us alternate styles and versions until we found the perfect fit ("Excuse me Miss, do you have any green-eyed brown haired boyfriends in a medium?") And if they didn't work out once we got them home, we could return them for store credit.

Menswear chic is a trend that will never go out of style, ever since Diane Keaton rocked that vintage tie-vest-trouser combo in Annie Hall. Try on a classically tailored oversized boyfriend blazer to add a cool, androgynous vibe to an otherwise girly outfit. Wear it with fitted pieces like skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and avoid blazers that are too oversized....unless you're making an appearance on I Love the 80's.

...and tell your boyfriend to back off. He can get his own damn blazer.

Last Valentine's day weekend, my sweetie and I saw the long-awaited chick flick Confessions of a Shopaholic along with one million other adoring boyfriends who were too afraid or too whipped to tell their significant others they'd rather see Mall Cop or Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans.

My readers know that I've been desperately awaiting the release of this film adaptation since April of last year, and as I predicted, the big screen version of Sophie Kinsella's bestselling book did not disappoint.

Who could resist the trials and tribulations of Rebecca Bloomwood, the journalist with a heart of gold and an empty wallet who finds herself jobless, in mega-debt, and pursued by the villainous collection agent Derek Smeath. We've all been there, haven't we ladies? Finding ourselves shaken and stirred by overdraft fees, spending limits and increased APR's, but still we cheer Becky on, urging her to go ahead and buy that green scarf. She needs it after all.

isla fischer.jpg

Becky reminded me of another female writer I know...a girl who sits at her laptop all day, dreaming of Gucci boots, sample sales, Chloe handbags and endless shopping sprees at Barney's. That girl is me, but I must confess - I am far from a shopaholic. I have 172 wish lists, but the only weekly treats I allow myself are nonfat decaf caps from Starbucks. Deep down I wish I were more like Becky, a true free-spirit in the department stores who allows herself to not only covet, but to own all of the apparel and accessories she's ever dreamed of, thanks to her magic cards. I wish I had an ounce of her spirit, allowing myself to enjoy the finer things in life --in moderation of course.

Back to the movie....Let's talk shop. I'm a big fan of the entire Shopaholic book series, and wasn't sure how it would translate shifting the setting from London to New York, but I think the film holds up and any Shopaholic fan will be pleased with the big picture. If you're still not sold, here's a quick rundown of my Shopaholic highs and lows:

Highlights- Patricia Field's scrumptious costuming, Isla Fischer's comedic genius, Hugh Dancy's quiet vulnerability, and Becky & Luke's insane Miami salsa number.

Lowlights- Talking mannequins, Leslie Bibb's Cruella De Vil-like turn as Alicia Billington, mysterious missing scenes that we loved from the trailer.

Shop responsibly.


ps- if you're desperate for more confessions, check out a Mother-slash-business woman's Confessions of a Shopaholic blog focusing on family, business, motherhood, and of course - shopping!

Model trends...

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supermodels conjoined.JPG

Next to Christmas and my birthday, last night was my third most favorite night of the year. I've been a fan of the Academy Awards ever since I could pronounce the word "Oscar". While other babies called out for the unsanitary trash can resident of Sesame Street, I was calling out for a different Oscar. The first full phrase I ever uttered was asking my mom to hand me the envelope please.

This year I was lucky enough to see most of the major films nominated and was thrilled to see the little-India-film-that-could Slumdog Millionaire sweep a majority of the night's awards. Other highlights included Heath Ledger's win for Best Supporting Actor, and as I predicted Kate Winslet's Best Actress win. You all owe me twenty bucks.

oscars 2009 winners.JPG

This year there weren't many huge surprises on the fashion front. For the most part, everyone looked radiantly divine, although I was a little disappointed with all of the teen starlet gown choices. Miley Cyrus was wearing a dress that would have looked great on Lucille Ball circa 1955, but not on a 16 year old pop princess. Vanessa Hudgens followed suit with a gown that bore a striking resemblance to the dress seen on the Tattinger's champagne model. Best Supporting Actress nominee Marisa Tomei glammed up, trying to make up for her prior fashion offenses but her pleated Versace gown was more complicated that a Sudoku puzzle with a level 5 difficulty. To make a long Oscar fashion blog short....Sarah Jessica looked too poofy, Amy Adams too vampy and MIckey Rourke too Saturday Night Fevery. Now that I've gotten the Oscar ball rolling, here are my top three faves and my three least faves of the night...

best 2009 oscar dresses.JPG


Penelope Cruz : Last night was the night for the Latin goddess when she took home the statue for Best Supporting Actress for her scene stealing portrayal of a bipolar ex gone mad in Woody Allen's tribute to Spain: Vicky Christina Barcelona. Penelope wore a vintage gown and summoned up the spirit of Audrey Hepburn from the hair to the gown to her graceful acceptance speech. Felicidades Penelope! Besitos!

Natalie Portman: In a Beauty and the Beast like moment, Natalie saved us from changing channels during Ben Stiller's odd Joaquin Phoenix impersonation. Your exquisite pink gown from Rodarte looked great against your skin tone and was a pleasant distraction from all the black and white. Wish you could have shared the podium with a sharper dressed man instead of one half of ZZTop.

Anne Hathaway: Anne, you're my girl and I blogged with pride when your Oscar nomination was announced. You may not have won the li'l bald guy, but you won a spot on the Let's Talk Style best dressed list...isn't that reward enough?

worst dressed oscars 2009.JPG


Tilda Swinton: No. Just, no.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman: hey Phil, I Doubt a stylist advised you to wear that hat. You may be one of the finest American male actors we've got, but that does not reserve you the right to wear a scully to the Academy Awards.

Whoopi: Whoopi, according to the fashion police, you in danger girl. Your leopard print dress was so not Oscar material. I'm sure fashionistas everywhere will share my View.

Dear Sammy,

I have way too many shoes. I love them all dearly and don't know how to part with them. I have gotten rid of a sofa to make room for my shoes, and am planning to buy more this weekend even though I can't afford to. I need help.

What is the best strategy for purging your shoe collection?


confessions of a shopaholic.JPG

Dear Annie,

First let me start off by saying, I understand. Please know that you are not alone. There are ten million other solemates out there who suffer from the same disease. The first step is admitting you need help, but before you attempt to purge your old shoes, you need to combat your need to buy new shoes. Annie, your'e gonna have to face it, you're addicted to shoes.

Repeat after me the Shoe Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to deny the shoes I cannot buy;
courage to be happy with the shoes I own;
and wisdom to put my best foot forward.


Annie, my advice to you is to make yourself a shoe budget. Factor in how much money your current salary allows you to spend on all the basics - rent, food, electricity, phone, car, and shoes...in that order. If you can buy one new pair a month, great, stay on budget. As for getting rid of the shoes you already have...if you bring in a new shoe, make room for it by getting rid of an old shoe. it's tit for tat, but with shoes...like shoes for shat. No, that doesn't sound right at all.

Here is my criteria for shoe disposal.

1. Throw out any shoes that are too painful to walk in, don't fit, or are falling apart way past the point of repair. If they hurt and you still love them to death, try out some cool shoe solutions that flower your feet with love from Foot Petals.

2. Throw out shoes if they smell like something died in them.

3. Donate shoes if they are still wearable, but you haven't worn them in over a year.

4. Go see Confessions of a Shopaholic. Learn from thy mistakes.

Good luck Annie on your quest for shoe sobriety.

I believe in you.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Get ready to shake your rattle and roll little Harlow, 'cause baby #2 is on the way for your rock star Moms and Pops - Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden. That's right, according to TMZ, UsWeekly, People and all of my other gossip bibles, Nicole Ritchie is knocked up again and pleased as punch to be expanding the Ritchie-Madden clan.

As I've blogged about before, I love Nicole and her clothes, and am sure Harlow is going to make the best big sister ever.

At a recent press conference held at a Bulild-A-Bear-Worshop, Nicole and Joel made a joint statement claiming that they are both beary, beary happy.

Bad dum bum.

nicole ritchie is pregnant again.jpg

Model march

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Samara Sanchez

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